My Favorite Travel Gear

All of my favorite travel gear!

By purchasing your travel gear through these links I do make a small commission, so thank you so much!

The Most Reliable Travel Guide Series

Rick Steves’ Europe is an excellent example of exemplary travel writing and travel tips. His son has also produced a budget-themed travel guide for those of us on a tight travel budget. Rick Steves has been traveling since before I was born, and he is a great source to get your travel knowledge from. His books are a great companion to any trip to Europe.  

The Best Student Themed Travel Books

Just like my blog, this book is written BY Students FOR Students! (and our student budgets!!)

Let’s go has yearly publications for all of Europe, and then individual ones for each major city you might want to go to! These books are so helpful and they will literally make you laugh out loud!

Here are some more (click to learn more!):









The Best Toiletry Travel Kit

I was sent this kit to test by Nalgene, and it has quickly become my favorite Nalgene travel product! I have used it on countless trips and throughout travels within 12 countries (and counting).

It can go on my CARRY-ON completely full, and everything is LEAK-PROOF! Guaranteed!

 The Best Travel Water Bottle (Hands Down)

Attached to every well-worn backpacker’s luggage and every rucksack you see while traveling is a Nalgene. It’s leak proof. It’s break proof. It’s LIFE proof! I have 6 bottles myself, all covered in stickers and all well used. If it breaks? Just send Nalgene a photo and they will send you a new one. How awesome is that?!

The Best Space Saving Travel Vacuum Bags

No vacuums needed! These travel storage bags are rolling-powered.


I use these EVERY time I travel to Europe. They allow me to backpack the entire time and always have enough room for my clothes!

These particular bags have a 30 day guarantee on them!



Entry Level Travel Photography

Canon Rebel T6 Kit

This is a great entry level DSLR. I bought it both for my college digital photography class and my own travel photography. It is widely recommended as the best camera to begin your photography career with!

Or just get the traveler in your life an Amazon gift card!