5 Small Towns in France that Changed my Life Pauillac

Place. More than just a location on a map. Some places become a part of who we are. There are five small towns in France that have become a part of my personal geography. As travelers, this is what we seek. Somewhere that impacts the way we see everything else. And everywhere else. Here are five small towns in France that changed my life: 1. Moragne-sur-Gironde This beautiful city is located in the Charente-Maritime department of southwestern France, and is just along the Gironde estuary. There are two parts of town. The old city is on the cliff and includes the traditional architecture of southwestern France, and has manyRead More →

Cincinnati Travel Photo Essay on New Perspectives in Old Places

Photo Essay of Cincinnati from a New Perspective How can you see a local city as beautiful again? By finding a new perspective on it. You could find your new perspective by moving your location to effect your visual interpretation of the city OR by finding out new things about the destination that cast it in a brand new light! New Perspectives Create Adventure These new perspectives will allow you to explore the insights of life that you gain while traveling to new places, but found right inside your local city. You might find out that you can go to the top of a building (didRead More →

travel full time online classes

Don’t stop your education to travel. Instead, do your homework at a Parisian cafe! Easily experience the world through travel as a full time student in online classes! Why Not Study Abroad? If you want to travel for a semester, study abroad is much more expensive than remaining at your current institution and arranging your own accommodation. Is your main goal is to stay on track with your degree? Study abroad programs sometimes hold you back from completing your degree on time. In addition, if you chose to travel as a full time student in online classes, you will have a flexible class schedule! So you canRead More →

Vienna, Austria is an amazing European travel destination for its history, art, music, and progressive culture. But how to do you get around?! Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t give navigation directions for public transportation in Vienna(as of January 2017). However, the maps app does show a map of the public transportation lines and names of stops (which is a plus)! Here’s a step by step guide on how to use cheap, convenient public transportation in Vienna known as “Wiener Linien” How to buy your tickets for Transportation in Vienna: Find a ticket station to buy your pass The 24, 48, and 72 hour passes are very convenient! ApproachRead More →

how to conquer your travel resolutions

Making a travel resolution is a huge step towards achieving your dreams. But how can you keep a travel resolution? GET INSPIRED – Follow travelers There are so many ways to follow travelers, travel bloggers, and travel photographers! They will inspire your travel resolution. Here are my favorites:  Bloggers– subscribe by email! Two Monkeys Travel Group Just a Pack Curly Girl Abroad Me! Instagram @Living_europe @saltinourhair @everchanginghorizon Me! (@thestudenttravelerblog) Pinterest Finduslost NoMoneyWillTravel Wandershare Me! (@studenttravels) Educate Yourself – learn about your dream trip Once you know where your travel resolution will be taking you, then you can bring it into reach. First of all, you’ve gotRead More →

New Year, New Gear! Nalgene Travel Gear Giveaway Enter this giveaway to win your Nalgene Travel products! You can enter multiple ways for more than one entry. Entry-Form Review of the Nalgene Updraft Fitness Bottle The Updraft Fitness Bottle by Nalgene is 22 oz. of greatness. Seriously! It fits in bike cages, is leak proof (guaranteed) and has no annoying lifting or biting necessary to get your hydration on! For travelers like us, a Nalgene bottle is the best travel gear you can buy (or win in my giveaway). In addition, the products are all leak proof and shatter proof- GUARANTEED! (Nalgene will send youRead More →

If you could triple the length of your stay for FREE, would you? Did you know that hostels around the world are willing to give you a free place to stay, sometimes even a stipend, for a few days of work a week? That is why you should consider hostel jobs to extend your travels without extending your wallet! How Hostel Jobs Work: Hours per Week/Days Off The hostels will tell you how many hours a week you are required to work and how many days you have off. Use this to decide between different hostel jobs in the same city! Minimum – Maximum StaysRead More →

Do you want to travel for college credit? Yes! But you don’t want to pay huge study abroad fees to attend classes instead of exploring the world! Here’s how to travel for college credit and never attend a class or pay for tuition while abroad! Travel in a Country with a Different Language By exploring a country who has a different language than your own, you will pick up on the language so much quicker than if you were sitting in a class room! Study Abroad requires that you pay tuition in addition to housing and other fees, which can stack up quickly! By simplyRead More →