The attention one must lend to the small things in the river-side town of Pauillac is what creates the beauty and atmosphere of the place. Today I took a special trip to document these details and share with you the story of Pauillac through photographs: Pauillac is such a beautiful town, with something new to experience every time I visit. What would you like my next post about Pauillac to be about? Let me know in the comments!Read More →

Stuck in Madrid Barajas airport for more than 5 hours? I was too… and then I left! Here’s how to explore the city of Madrid with only a few hours or a day! Check out this piece at GoWonder, a community of women with wanderlust who I wrote this for!!  Where Are You?! First, figure out where you are. Seems simple, until you get off your plane and see this beautifully daunting architecture: If you’re flying internationally to Madrid, you will probably end up in terminal 4s. There are 5 terminals, 1, 2, & 3 are two metro stops away from terminal 4 & 4s. 4sRead More →

I leave for France in 23 days. My current largest challenge is how to spend these days here in the states. It is so easy to get lost in the sea of Pinterest, blogs, and research. But I want to live now. I want to live new. How do I stay content? The real question is, how can I remain happy here in my small, slow, nearly dead college town with international travel looking over my shoulder the whole time? Yesterday, I made the decision to go for a hike. It was a trail I have done a couple times before at Rodburn Park. ButRead More →

What are we supposed to do in between adventures? As travelers and wanderlusters, we don’t have it as easy as living souly in the realm of new experiences. Whether it is working to save money up for your next trip, or just living in the time between travel. But that doesn’t mean out wanderlust is magically toned back or satisfied. Therefore, I propose a toast to wildflowers. You know that trail you’ve hiked 258 times? Or that lake you visit on the daily? Revisit them, but this time with the motive of creating the most beautiful bouquet nature can possibly provide. Wildflowers don’t grow in theRead More →