No one ever says “I saved money by traveling!” Yet, that is what I am saying now. I will be living as an expat in Bordeaux, France next year and it is cheaper than staying home. My Gap Year in France is Cheaper than Normal Postgraduate Routes I have an extra year on my hands after graduating from my university early. Instead of going straight to grad school or to the work force, I will be living in France for a gap year. How is the Gap Year Saving me Money? Other traditional postgraduate routes include joining the workforce or continuing to graduate school rightRead More →

travel full time online classes

Don’t stop your education to travel. Instead, do your homework at a Parisian cafe! Easily experience the world through travel as a full time student in online classes! Why Not Study Abroad? If you want to travel for a semester, study abroad is much more expensive than remaining at your current institution and arranging your own accommodation. Is your main goal is to stay on track with your degree? Study abroad programs sometimes hold you back from completing your degree on time. In addition, if you chose to travel as a full time student in online classes, you will have a flexible class schedule! So you canRead More →