Saint Emilion Views of Vineyards and Rooftops

In October I had the privilege of touring Saint-Émilion and the vineyards surrounding it. Saint-Émilion is a medieval city located near Bordeaux, France. The amount of history behind this village is enormous. Meanwhile,  large parts of the city’s history remain mysterious to visitors and scholars alike. Saint-Émilion has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999! The architecture of Saint-Émilion is unique even for the area it is located in. You will never visit anywhere like it! First I will give you the 8 reasons you should visit Saint-Émilion by guided-tour. Second, I will describe my tour of the village and the chateau tour. So, let’sRead More →

Bordeaux was voted the Best European Destination of 2015, but why? Because Bordeaux is the most authentic city you will ever visit. With beautiful old architecture down every street and welcoming locals, I could spend a lifetime here. And it is still up and coming! The Sister-Post to this post is: “20 Things To SEE In Bordeaux” click here to read it!   20 Things To Do In Bordeaux: 1. Kayak the Garonne Don’t get caught on a tourist bus, see the city from the river! Bordeaux is built along the Garonne river/estuary in a moon shape, giving the city it’s name, “Port de la Lune.” Bordeaux CanoëRead More →