What to do with 4 days in Paris! The next series of posts will detail my 4 days in Paris; what I loved and what I didn’t! They will all be linked to each other! I can’t publish them all at once because of the length! Day 2  Days 3 & 4 Day 1 I arrive by train at 12:24 and follow the signs to the metro. I bought a booklet of 10 tickets because this is definitely the best deal! Then I took the corresponding line to the stop closest to my hostel. I recommend that you plan your trip with a metro mapRead More →

The attention one must lend to the small things in the river-side town of Pauillac is what creates the beauty and atmosphere of the place. Today I took a special trip to document these details and share with you the story of Pauillac through photographs: Pauillac is such a beautiful town, with something new to experience every time I visit. What would you like my next post about Pauillac to be about? Let me know in the comments!Read More →

Stuck in Madrid Barajas airport for more than 5 hours? I was too… and then I left! Here’s how to explore the city of Madrid with only a few hours or a day! Check out this piece at GoWonder, a community of women with wanderlust who I wrote this for!!  Where Are You?! First, figure out where you are. Seems simple, until you get off your plane and see this beautifully daunting architecture: If you’re flying internationally to Madrid, you will probably end up in terminal 4s. There are 5 terminals, 1, 2, & 3 are two metro stops away from terminal 4 & 4s. 4sRead More →

Coffee will take you where you want to be in Louisville (and anywhere else for that matter). Is the hipster inside you craving exposed brick, unknown restaurants in the sky, a great park system, the best coffee culture on the east side of the Mississippi, endless exposed wire light-bulbs, bars in old garages, and bikes? Lots of Bikes? Louisville is, surprising as it may be, the place for you! This past summer I had the pleasure of discovering Louisville as a local, living there for 3 months. What I found was the opposite of horses and baseball bats. Instead, a paradise of  chill atmosphere andRead More →