Luxembourg City Christmas Market Hotel De Ville

The Luxembourg City Christmas Markets

There are 5 Christmas markets in Luxembourg City transforming city squares into festive snow covered villages. Strolling through light covered shopping streets, it feels like you’ve entered a Christmas movie set. Then, around the corner is a miniature village of log cabins with snow covered roofs connected by glowing string lights. The opening weekend of the Luxembourg City Christmas Markets was on November 24th-26th. The city remains transformed for the whole month leading up to Christmas. Click here to find out all of the places and times for the Luxembourg City Christmas Markets.

Luxembourg City Christmas Markets Farris wheel

Experiencing the Luxembourg Christmas Markets


The chorus of market goers singing along to traditional Luxembourgeois Christmas music makes the place joyous. Especially when paired with some vin chaud.

Luxembourg City Christmas Markets Music


However, the drink choices do not stop at wine (vin chaud). In fact, there are a lot of traditional spiced rhums (Nos Rhums in the photo). Not to mention all of the flavors ranging from cinnamon to strawberry to ginger.

Luxembourg City Christmas Market Bar a Rhum

Of course, there is an abundance of beer as well! Thus, bars offering local brews and a warm place to drink them are at the center of every one of the Luxembourg City Christmas markets. You will meet all kinds of people in the Christmas market. If you are traveling solo like me, I think Luxembourg City is a great destination. Regarding this, read my article Advice for the First Time You Travel Solo! 

Luxembourg Christmas Markets Moulin Rouge Bar

Luxembourg city Christmas Markets Dining Room


If you’re looking for dinner to go with your drinks – look no further. Above all, the food choices at the Luxembourg City Christmas markets are by no means limited. So, any appetite can be satisfied.

Luxembourg city Christmas Markets Food Stand and Lights

Looking for something traditional? Then have a stop at the grill house. For the simple reason that the sight of the enormous open fire grill. It is almost as impressive and tempting as the Luxembourg City Christmas markets themselves.

Luxembourg Christmas Market Grillhouse and grills

After, follow your currywurst with some cheese. Providing that you love delicious cheesy goodness, you’ve found your home! Raclette or fondue? It’s your choice.

Luxembourg city Christmas Markets Fondue and Raclette Stand

Now, if you’re looking for some eatable souvenirs to remember your experience at the Luxembourg City Christmas markets, visit the cheese and saucisson stand! Plus, both offer free samples. So even if you don’t have room for a wheel of cheese in your luggage, at least have a taste of these local traditions.

Luxembourg Christmas Market Cheese and Saucisson Stand


After all the drinks, curryworsts, and saucisson, are you craving something sweet? Don’t worry, the Luxembourg City Christmas markets have got your back! Notably, nougat stands tempt the eyes of every passerby with their unbelievably large chunks of nougat. Accordingly, they offer every flavor nougat you’ve ever heard of (and a few you haven’t).

Luxembourg Christmas Market Nougat Stand

Luxembourg Christmas Market Lights on Stall

Alternatively, stop buy the brezelhaus for a pretzel and Nutella. As for sweet souvenirs, there are thousands of decorated gingerbread cookies to buy and hang on your Christmas tree- or eat immediately.

Luxembourg Christmas Markets Lights and Stalls

Ice Skating

Now, to work off all that delicious food with some ice skating! The Luxembourg City Christmas markets truly make over every square, including the Hotel de Ville! Here, you’ll find a winding ice rink surrounding the bars and grill houses. Renting skates is affordable, so grab a pair and go. Join the locals and ice skate to the Christmas music that is nearly drown-out by the sound of singing market-goers.

Luxembourg Christmas Market Ice Rink and Ice Skaters beside Hotel De Ville

Luxembourg Christmas Market Christmas Tree

Finally, I hope that you have enjoyed this escape to the Luxembourg City Christmas markets with me. It has been fun sharing my experiences with you. Merry Christmas!

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The Luxembourg City Christmas Markets Moulin Rouge Beer House

The Luxembourg City Christmas Markets Beautiful Lights and Decorations on Food Stand

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