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My Weekend Trip to Strasbourg Cost €85 (Pretzels Included)

Join me on my weekend trip to Strasbourg, France; it’s like 72 hours in a fairy tale. Traveling on a budget is not always glamorous. Yet, Strasbourg is a great destination in France for budget travel. So, if you save up €85; even if to add onto a trip to Paris, you can have a an amazing weekend trip to Strasbourg! And here’s how:

Budget Breakdown

  1. Tourism – €7,50

  2. Food – €35.50

  3. Accommodation – €42

  4. Transportation – €0

Total spent on my trip to Strasbourg: €85

La petite France during weekend trip to Strasbourg

1 Tourism – €7,50

La Petite France – €0

My favorite part of Strasbourg is just walking through La Petite France. Plus, it’s free! This area of Strasbourg is built along several canals. The buildings are nearly all inspired by the German framework design, being just across the Rhine river from Germany! As soon as one thinks they’ve explored all of La Petite France, there’ll be another ally way to get lost down and another picturesque cafe to spill onto the street! This part of town is particularly enchanting at night, when the lights reflect off the canals and the cafes are full.

In La Petite France you must visit:

  • Ponts couverts (the covered bridges)
  • Barrage Vauban (which has the best roof to view the ponts couverts from)
  • La Corde à Ligne (a great cafe surrounded by the most picturesque reflections in Strasbourg)
  • Square Louis Weiss (a shaded park nestled between canal l’Ill, beautiful framework buildings, and the covered bridges)

This Christmas I will be visiting Strasbourg again and exploring La Petite France with an in-depth audio guide. Stay tuned!

La Corde à Ligne during my weekend trip to Strasbourg

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg – €3.50

It is free to get inside the church, where you can donate as much as you wish. For the platform, €3.50 student discount, but €5 for adults is still worth the view of the city. I think that visiting the platform of the church is a must for any trip to Strasbourg. In addition, the Strasbourg pass includes a trip to the platform.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg view during my weekend trip to strasbourg

Walk Along Canal L’Ill – €0

Because of the distracting churches, palaces, and squares, this walk will take as long as you would like it. Pont d’Auvergne and Pont Royal offer spectacular shots of Église réformée Saint-Paul. There are many boat tours that begin and end on this canal too. Boat tours are a great way to see as much as possible in one trip to Strasbourg and if you get the Strasbourg pass, one tour comes with it.

Strasbourg Église réformée Saint-Paul

Open Air Markets – €4

Perhaps my favorite part of visiting Strasbourg was the open air markets on Saturday morning. Originally, I set out only for one. The book market in Place KléberHowever, after buying a copy of L’Étranger and some vintage post cards there, I joyfully got lost and ran across 3 other markets! What a dream! First, a market of local businesses selling everything from Pretzels to Staircases. It is near the European quarter and intersection of the River Ill and the Marne-Rhine Canal. Second, a ‘local’ goods market near Palais Rohan with honey, purses, and more. Additionally near Musée historique de la ville de Strasbourg, lies a market with everything from fur coats to vintage barrels.

Outdoor market strasbourg

2 Food – €35.50

Flammekueche & Wine – €11 (flams)

A Mammoth Burger – €9 (Le Pied de Mammoth, a local gem in Strasbourg. The diliveroo orders never stopped! And I know why. It was delicious, and a must visit!)

Pretzels – €2.50

Coffee and Pastries – €7

Meals “In” – €6 (As I mention in the beginning of this post over here, I cooked spaghetti twice in Strasbourg! This is truly traveling on a students budget).

Strasbourg Market with Bread and Pretzels

3 Accommodation – €42

I stayed 2 nights, €21 a night, split with a friend. Plus, it was the perfect distance from the train station and the city. I stayed at Montempo Apart’hotels and booked it through STA Travel. Both of whom I would recommend and neither of whom I was paid by to say that!

Kayak during your weekend trip to strasbourg

4 Train – €0

For my weekend trip to Strasbourg I rode the inter-cities train directly from Bordeaux to Strasbourg. The wifi on the trains makes traveling in France easy. So I usually do homework or just sit on my laptop. Inter-cities trains in France begin at just 10 Euros per ticket.

With my TGV Max pass, the ticket was free as a part of my account. For my TGV Max pass, I pay 80 Euros per month and I can travel through France by train as much as I want! The catch is that you must be between 16-27, can only reserve 6 tickets at a time, and can do so only 1 month in advance. However, you are only in competition with other TGV Max travelers. In addition, it is made for people living in France, as 3 months is the minimum time. Learn more about TGV here!

Plus, if you sign up, be a pal and use my code ( 028b058937 )!

More about Train Travel through France:

Total Spent on 3 Day trip to Strasbourg= €85

So did you believe me that I really went to Strasbourg for €85? I hope you do now!

This is a great plan for anyone who wants to extend a trip to Paris. A weekend trip to Strasbourg is a great way to see more of France.

So start saving your spare change my fellow expats, students abroad, and vacationers. Strasbourg is just a weekend away! Will you go? Let me know!


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  1. Nice post! Do you use the train pass a lot? I find passes a tricky one, in some countries like mine you definitely save money, but in others you seem to be better of with single tickets.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I do actually use my train pass A TON! However, it is not the type that is for “visitors”. I have also read tricky details about the train passes that are made for “visitors” (ex. 8 days, ect.) but my TGV Max pass costs nothing to reserve seats! and I always use my full number of reservations, making it worth the 80 Euros per month! I think at this point it has been extra motivation to travel!

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