Travel between Hamburg and Copenhagen via Train and Ferry

Have you ever been riding a train and all of a sudden it boards a Ferry?

If you choose the right train from Hamburg to Copenhagen, you will!

When training from Hamburg to Copenhagen (and back) there are two routes. One crosses the water by boarding a Ferry! The other route stays land locked. So how do you chose the train that boards the ferry? And how the heck does a ferry hold an entire train?! Let’s explore:

Copenhagen's Nyhavn Harbor
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Choosing the Train Route With the Ferry

Out of the two routes between Copenhagen and Hamburg, only one boards a ferry.

  1. First, search the route on your date.
  2. Then select “show details” during your search.
  3. Now, locate the boarder crossing location.
  4. Finally, select the train that crosses the boarder at Rodby, Denmark and Puttgarden, Germany respectively.
Ferry From Hamburg to Copenhagen
Ferry From Hamburg to Copenhagen

Where to Buy Tickets

Buy your train tickets from Germany or Denmark’s official train company website. Therefore, you won’t be ripped off! Because some sights charge more for the same ticket.

How does a Train Board a Ferry?!

So, how does this even work? The train drives onto tracks in the bottom hold of the ferry. Surrounding it is other large cargo vehicles like semi-trucks. No one can remain on the train. Therefore, everyone has to climb the stairs to the upper levels of the ferry. And yes, I did spend the whole time wondering how we stayed afloat! 

Buffet on Ferry
Buffet on Ferry

Entertainment on Board the Ferry

As you might have figured out, this is no small boat. Not only are there shopping and food options, but there are many! Once you board, it feels like an airport. There’s duty-free shops, food shops, and a buffet! In addition, there are amazing decks to view the sea. But don’t get too distracted, once the ride is over it is up to you to find your way back to the train. (And yes, I got lost!)

What Makes this Train Route Beautiful

Riding through the country side on a train is one of the best parts of any trip to Europe. However, this trip is special. Starting off, the Germany country side offers stunning views as always. Then, approaching the ferry is like a teaser for what is about to come.

On board the ferry, the sea breeze surrounds you as the shore recedes from view. The buffet has a panorama view of the front of the ferry and how it splits the water. The many options for chilling on the deck offer great sea views.

Then back on the train you’ll go through the Danish country side. Here, glimpses of beautiful farms, traditional churches, colorful houses, and seaside towns fly by.

Have I convinced you to take this journey? The train ride between Hamburg and Copenhagen is one I will never forget. The ferry and sea views create a train experience like no other.

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Travel Between Hamburg and Copenhagen Via Train and Ferry


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