Budapest Walking Tour of 10 Beautiful Spots

The beautiful spots we will be visiting on our Budapest walking tour are…

  1. Architecture Highlights and Pastries
  2. St. Stephen’s Basilica
  3. Danube Bank
  4. Chain Bridge
  5. Buda Castle Funicular
  6. Buda Castle
  7. Matthias Church
  8. Fishermen’s Bastion
  9. Parliament
  10. Ruin Pubs

1 The first stop on this Budapest walking tour is where ever you are!

Find a bakery near your accommodation for breakfast. Try some traditional Hungarian treats! (Read this article on VisitBudapest called “Five Pastry Shops Not to Miss in Budapest” for inspiration!). Then, warm up those feet with some window shopping and sightseeing. The architecture in Budapest is striking.

Budapest Architecture
The architecture in Budapest is striking; from a street near our apartment.

2 St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica is a grandiose example of Hungarian architecture contrasted starkly by the communist era buildings near it. There is also a large inviting square fronting the Basilica. Around the square, shops and cafes bustle with people enjoying their time in Budapest.

St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest

We had lunch with a view of the Basilica (Vienna Pork Chops, yum) and a latte to kick start our Budapest walking tour. Then, as we left the square, lively dancers entertained us with a traditional group dance.

locals dance in Budapest

3 Danube Bank

Walking along the Danube river, flowing between Buda and Pest, is the most memorable part of any walking tour of Budapest. From Pest you can view the hills of Buda sprinkled with colorful houses and steeples.

Beautiful Budapest from the Danube

The Danube is the longest river in today’s European Union! It also flows through Vienna, Prague – two cities I visited after Budapest on my European Spring Break! Read about it here!

4 Chain Bridge

Crossing the Danube on the chain bridge by foot is a breathtaking experience. First, guarded by lions you get an amazing view of our 6th stop, Buda Castle.

Chain Bridge and Buda Castle in Budapest

Once in Pest you can catch a stunning view of symmetry between the Chain Bridge and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Chain Bridge Budapest

5 Buda Castle Funicular

Riding the Funicular above the city is a great break for your feet on this Budapest walking tour.

Budapest Funicular

Plus, it isn’t too expensive and offers beautiful views of the city. As well as being our fifth spot, it also leads straight to our sixth spot, Buda Castle. Check out current ticket rates here!
view of Budapest from Funicular


6 Buda Castle

This castle is not just one building, it is a complex. Actually, there are two sides, the civic town and the royal palace complex. The Funicular will drop you off in the middle of the royal palace complex, where there are beautiful statues, fountains, and the Royal Palace. In fact, Royal Palace holds both the National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum! Now, you can go check out the opening hours for every part here!

Statue at Buda Castle Royal Palace
Statue at Buda Castle Royal Palace
The Civic town of Buda castle, Budapest
The Civic town of Buda castle, Budapest

7 Matthias Church

Traveling in Europe, there are many famous churches. But this one has a roof you will never forget. Plus, it is standing over the whole city, offering the best views possible. Read about visiting hours and events here.


Matthias Church Budapest
In front of the church stands a detailed replica of it for those who are visually impaired.

8 Fisherman’s Bastion

Surrounding Matthias Church, this is one of my favorite spots on our Budapest walking tour. Peeking out between the columns of the Fisherman’s Bastion you can catch amazing views of the city and our next stop, Parliament. Also, you can buy tickets to go inside and read about hours here.

Fisherman's Bastion

Next, stop at the café for some bubblies and goulash soup, Budapest’s specialty.

View of Budapest

After winding down through beautiful streets of Buda, you’ll make your way back to the Danube. Now, buy Ferry tickets to cross the river straight to the feet of our next stop. Here’s a handy map of the ferry stop:

9 Parliament

The pride and joy of Budapest, and a building that can make anyone look like a photographer. Catch it at night reflecting grandly off the Danube or during the day, dominating the riverbank. Furthermore, information about visiting can be found here.

Budapest Parliament

10 Ruin Pubs

No day in Budapest is complete without a visit to Ruin Pubs. These Pubs are converted from old houses or factories into amazing nightlife spots. The one I visited (and loved) was Szimpla, an old factory converted into an open-air cinema and pub! There are two floors, a hookah lounge, wine bar, regular bar, and endless spaces to chill surrounded by vintage décor. Also, you might by the largest ruin pub, Instant.

Ruin Pub Budapest

I hope you have enjoyed your walking tour of Budapest from beginning to end. When are you going to Budapest? And will you be using my Budapest walking tour guide? Let me know in the comments!

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