My 10 Secrets to Affording Spring Break in Europe


My 10 Secrets to Affording Spring Break in Europe (as a Student!)

Coming back to college after 13 days in Europe everyone asked me, “how do you afford to travel so much?!” This post reveals the secrets to exactly how I afforded spring break in 8 European countries and how you can use the secrets for your trip!


  1. Cheap Flights
  2. Being Flexible
  3. Not always eating out
  4. Not Overpaying for Train Tickets
  5. Using Public Transpiration
  6. Stay in AirBnBs
  7. Book in Advance
  8. Don’t Check Luggage
  9. Only Buy Tiny Things
  10. Start Saving Early


1 Cheap Flights

$414 = price of my round trip flight to Copenhagen from Chicago!

If you want to catch flights on the cheap, you’ve got to be a hawk. I stalked flights for about 1-2 months in order to make sure I got the best deal possible.

By using STA Travel you can get student discounts on flights! Check out THIS POST to find out how to use STA Travel to get your cheap flight for spring break in Europe! I am not affiliated with STA Travel, I just really like them.

2 Being Flexible

When I decided to take spring break in Europe I had no idea where I wanted to go, just that I wanted to go somewhere. We flew into Copenhagen, Denmark but I would have flown wherever the cheap flight took me!

Check out this post to see all 8 countries that we traveled to!

Copenhagen Evening and Nhavyn Harbor
An Evening on Nyhavn Harbor, Copenhagen. March 2017.

3 Not ALWAYS Eating Out

  • Breakfast
    • You can save nearly $10 just by eating breakfast in your hotel! So pack a box of your favorite breakfast bars to eat while getting ready in the mornings!
  • Snacks
    • Bring all your favorite snacks (within packing reason). Stopping at street vendors is fun but PRICEY! And no one wants to be hangry in the middle of Prague.
  • Picnic
  • Bring a water bottle!
    • Specifically, a Nalgene! Picture yourself on spring break in Europe and all you want is a drink of water but the cheapest one is $5 or a long walk away. If you have a Nalgene you can just pull it out and take a FREE sip of water.
Prague Market
Market in Prague Square, March 2017

4 NOT Overpaying for Train Tickets

Never buy your train tickets from Rail Europe. They are very overpriced!

Rather than buying short/common train tickets in advance, wait. Simply look up the train’s schedule online. Then, get to the train station in time that day to buy the ticket and get to the platform!

To stay on budget, don’t reserve seats. Trains are hardly ever full.

Look up the country’s rail system of you need to buy ahead of time.

Here are a few countries in Europe and their official railway sites! Use these to pay fair ticket prices for your spring break in Europe:

5 Using Public Transpiration

In every major city in Europe, the public transportation is accessible and convenient. First, when you arrive just find a reliable map and a place to buy tickets! There will always be kiosks in airports and train stations.

Each ride is never more than $2 wherever you are. So public transportation won’t break the bank on your spring break in Europe!

Budapest Public Transportation Tram
Tram in Budapest during Sunset. March 2017.

6 Stay in AirBnBs

Check out this infographic for how to book a great place with AirBnB!

By staying in AirBnB’s on our spring break in Europe, each night’s average cost was well under $30!

I want to give you $40 for your spring break!!

Use my promo code for $40 off!!

Sign up for AirBnB now (free) and it will be on your account when you book your first stay!

7 Book in Advance

Speaking of accommodations, these are the things you want to book well in advance. There are some great deals and places on AirBnB, but if you don’t book it first, you can’t get it!

8 Don’t Check Luggage

By limiting yourself to carry on size baggage, you can fly cheap airlines like Ryanair without paying for baggage fees!

Plus, you can jump on and off trains, easily navigating cities with carry-on size luggage. Just remember to not make it too heavy!

Dresden Germany
Beautiful Dresden, Germany. March, 2017.

9 Only Buy Tiny Souvenirs

Souvenirs can be the biggest money spender. Just get small things (magnets, lighters, post cards, stickers, bottle openers, notebooks, ect) so that you can store them in your carry on size baggage. Also, these items are cheaper than things like t-shirts. Therefore, you can stay on budget!

10 Start Saving Early

This one might be cliché, but it is the most important. If I hadn’t constantly been saving most of my paychecks, I wouldn’t have been able to buy the plane ticket when I found it for cheap! It is important to figure out your priorities, so that your savings account will reflect that when you book your trip.

Here are a few tips for saving money for travel

Thanks for reading! I sure hope you found this inspirational. If you want to find out more about my spring break trip to Europe and how I manage to travel as a student, subscribe by email to stay up to date with all my new posts!

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  1. Not eating out all the time is so true for Europe. I’m always tempted o eat out because of the experience but you can often try local food for cheap at the supermarket.

    1. Author

      Exactly!!! What’s even better is the experience of shopping with the locals, especially in a fresh food or open air market!

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