How to get amazing views of copenhagen denmark from the church of our savior

Amazing Views of Copenhagen, Denmark from the Church of Our Savior

Are you afraid of heights? The Church of Our Savior is nearly 300 feet tall. But the view of Copenhagen that unfolds around you is worth it!

How to get amazing views of copenhagen denmark from the church of our savior

I saw Copenhagen on my European Spring Break, along with 7 other countries! Read about it here!

How to Get to The Top of the Church of Our Savior

Craving this view of Copenhagen? Me too, I want to go back!

  • The Church of Our Savior has a paid admission to climb to the top.
  • It costs around 35.00 DKK 45.00 DKK for adults, but there are student discounts! 
  • It is open year around Monday-Sunday 11:00-15:30.

The official visit Copenhagen site has more great info about the church for visitors.

view of bridge to sweeden and copenhagen on top of church of our savior
Yes, that IS the bridge to Sweeden in the distance!

Are There Tour Guides?


There are no tour guides to take you up. But don’t worry! There are PLENTY of creepy church-attic-artifacts to keep you entertained on your way up the 250 inside steps of the church. And once you get to the top there are maps to explain all that you can see!

Window in the Church of our Savior in Copenhagen
Stop to take a breath while climbing the stairs and dramatically gaze out the window

Is it Scary to Climb the Church of Our Savior?

If you are scared of heights, GO FOR IT! You don’t even have to climb to the very tip-top. Because, once you climb just 250 of the 400 steps, you made it to the main viewing platform!

I will be honest, climbing the spiraling stairs on the outside is the scariest part. I got dizzy! It feels like you are spinning around-and-around inside a the most beautiful panoramic view of Copenhagen.

The Outside Staircase on the Church of Our Savior in Copenhagen

The Church of Our Savior Factsthe church of our savior

  • There are 400 steps to the top of the spire
  • 150 of them being on the outside
  • It is 90 meters high
  • The church was finished in 1752. That is 256 years of history I was walking on!
  • “In December the tower is only open on 1st, 6th, 8th, 12th og 15th. Closed in January and February. Reopens in March.” (source)
  • 60,000 people visit it a year! (Compare this to The Little Mermaid which has over 1 Million Visitors a year)

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Have you ever visited the Church of Our Savior? What did you think of the view of Copenhagen? Let me know by commenting!



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