travel full time online classes

How to Travel as a Full Time Student in Online Classes

Don’t stop your education to travel.

Instead, do your homework at a Parisian cafe! Easily experience the world through travel as a full time student in online classes!

travel full time online classes

Why Not Study Abroad?

If you want to travel for a semester, study abroad is much more expensive than remaining at your current institution and arranging your own accommodation. Is your main goal is to stay on track with your degree? Study abroad programs sometimes hold you back from completing your degree on time.

In addition, if you chose to travel as a full time student in online classes, you will have a flexible class schedule! So you can do your homework in the early Paris mornings at a local cafe or in the afternoon in Hyde Park!

Will my college degree have online classes?

Now-a-days nearly every college course can be found online somewhere. At your university or transferred from a different one, you can find the classes you need!

You must plan ahead.

  1. Find out all of the classes that are offered online for your degree
    1. The easiest classes to find online are “general education classes”
  2. Save all of your optional online classes for one semester
  3. Enroll in these required classes for the semester 
  4. Continue your education
  5. Travel the world

How Can I Afford to Travel for a Semester?

Planning is key on this road less traveled. Once you know when you are going you can work and save up the money to go!

You don’t have to go for a full semester– but you can still buy a few month’s stay for how much you rent might have been at home! Go through AirBnB get $35 off your first stay here.

Stay in the city of your dreams and become a local! Maybe even a few cities, depending on how much is in your savings account!

How do I Plan this Trip?

Before you travel as a full time student in online classes, you’ve gotta plan your trip!

  1. Chose the cities you would like to live in.
    1. Do you want to learn a foreign language while abroad?
    2. What cost-of-living can you afford?
  2. Chose how long you will stay in each city
    1. Check the visa requirements for the countries you are moving to
    2. Staying for at least one month will allow you to find great short-term apartment rentals! (like on AirBnB!)
  3. Begin booking your travels with your savings!
  4. GO and enjoy your semester as a full time student in online classes!

How to Travel for College Credit (Not Study Abroad)

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