The Ultimate Guide to Transportation in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria is an amazing European travel destination for its history, art, music, and progressive culture.

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But how to do you get around?!

Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t give navigation directions for public transportation in Vienna(as of January 2017). However, the maps app does show a map of the public transportation lines and names of stops (which is a plus)!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use cheap, convenient public transportation in Vienna known as “Wiener Linien”

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How to buy your tickets for Transportation in Vienna:

  1. Find a ticket station to buy your pass
    1. The 24, 48, and 72 hour passes are very convenient!
  2. Approach the machine
    1. The machine offers English instructions, making it easy.
  3. Buy your choice of pass!
    1. Check out this official site for the options available for tickets
  4. Validate it!
    1. ‘Validating’ boxes are located at the entrances of subway platforms or inside trams (normally with the word “validating” on it).
  5. HOP ON!

Now I know what you’re thinking- couldn’t you just walk onto transportation in Vienna without buying a ticket? Technically yes, you could. However, I wouldn’t recommend this because you could face a €100 fine if a plainclothes agent approaches you and demands that you show them your ticket. This is rare, but the cost of a ticket is so cheap that there’s no need to face that kind of risk. Also, abusing the local customs is NOT a good way to represent your country!

Vienna Transportation Tram with Opera

How do you get around WITHOUT Google Maps Turn-by-Turn directions?

Below is an example trip from Central Station to Kankenhaus Hietzing (the distance makes a great example).Public transportation vienna google maps 1

First, tap the menu button and select “Pubic Transit” to show the lines that run through the city.

  1. Where are you going? 

    Let’s say you just got off the train (the central station is starred) and you’re really in the mood for an exciting trip to the hospital.

  1. What stops and modes of transports that best suit the trip?

    While there are many tram stops at the central station, going a very long distance by tram is a bit slow. You want your money’s worth out of that ticket! Let’s take the underground.Public transportation vienna google maps 2

  1. What lines do you need?

    The two lines that come closest to connecting the two areas are the green and red line.

  1. Where are your transfers?

    Now, you can connect the two subways at a stop called Karlsplatz. Now that you know the name of this stop, hop on the red line in the direction that shows the stop “Karlsplatz” along the way. A list of stops is normally posted next to the tracks and the gray stops are ones that the train has just arrived from.

  2. Where do you get off?

    Where Once you’re at Karlsplatz, check the map again to know which stop to get off at on the green line. Let’s zoom in to our exciting hospital destination. The green line is too far north, so you’ll need to take the tram in addition to the subway in order to get there faster. (Don’t worry, your 72-hour pass includes unlimited transfers!).

    1. 60-It looks like on one side, there’s tram number 58 and on the other side there are two trams: 10 and 60.

Public transportation vienna comparison green line tram

  1. What tram stops near the destination?

    It looks like the only tram that passes through is the tram number 62. However, there are a lot of transfers and all we need to do is figure out which station transfers to the 62 tram from any of the three going through Hietzing.

  1. Find the tram connection you need!

    Follow the 62 line backwards to a station called “Hermesstraße”. It connects with the 60 tram! Now, all you need to do is hop on the 60 all the way to the stop called “Hermesstraße”.

  2. Transfer and arrive!

    Next, transfer to the 62 tram and get off at your destination: Kankenhaus Hietzing.

Finally, use the names of different stops and figure out which stops connect to others. As a result, you can use the same formula to get around Vienna like a champ!

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