how to conquer your travel resolutions

How to Conquer Your Travel Resolution

Making a travel resolution is a huge step towards achieving your dreams. But how can you keep a travel resolution?

how to conquer your travel resolution

GET INSPIRED – Follow travelers

There are so many ways to follow travelers, travel bloggers, and travel photographers! They will inspire your travel resolution.

Here are my favorites: 

  1. Bloggers– subscribe by email!Follow travel blogs on pinterest for your travel resolution
    1. Two Monkeys Travel Group
    2. Just a Pack
    3. Curly Girl Abroad
    4. Me!
  2. Instagram
    1. @Living_europe
    2. @saltinourhair
    3. @everchanginghorizon
    4. Me! (@thestudenttravelerblog)
  3. Pinterest

    1. Finduslost
    2. NoMoneyWillTravel
    3. Wandershare
    4. Me! (@studenttravels)

Educate Yourself – learn about your dream trip

Once you know where your travel resolution will be taking you, then you can bring it into reach. First of all, you’ve got to do this by learning about the place. Reading travel bloggers and buying travel books are my favorite ways to get prepared for a trip.

As a student, Let’s Go is the BEST travel book available. It’s fun to read (seriously, you’ll laugh out loud) and written by students for students. You can buy the brand new “2017 Europe” (yes, they hit ALL the cities) here:

Let’s Go Europe 2017: The Student Travel Guide


Write It Down – Your Tactile Travel Resolution

You need to get your travel resolution onto paper! A great way to do this is through inspiration boards. These can be on paper or on Pinterest! Print out photos of where you want to go and write down the information you learn about them. Also, on Pinterest you can make a secret board that only you can see, or not, where you can pin all of your favorite photos and ideas! Once you start letting your dreams flow out of your head, you will realize how big they are!

Write down your travel resolution

Tell Someone – What Is Your Travel Resolution?

Share your travel resolution with someone you trust! They can hold you accountable to your dreams. Therefore, it won’t be so easy to let your ideas go, as it would have been had they stayed inside your head. So ask someone to hold you accountable during 2017, and they can help you stay on track to achieving your travel resolution!

Final Step: Comment YOUR Travel Resolutions Below

And I will reply with a resource to help you get started! Just the first thing that came to your mind while reading this post. Follow your gut!

Start Your “Travel Resolutions” Pinterest Board With This Pin:

Pinterest how to conquer your travel resolution





  1. Great post. My travel goal for the years is a solo trip out of the USA – hoping for Bali.

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      I don’t know why the reply only published the second half of my text, but I think that your resolution sounds amazing and I posted two links to help you!

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      Thanks for stopping by! I hope my readers get some great advice from you! I’m sure they will!

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