Hostel Jobs: A Clever Way to Extend Your Travels

If you could triple the length of your stay for FREE, would you?

Did you know that hostels around the world are willing to give you a free place to stay, sometimes even a stipend, for a few days of work a week? That is why you should consider hostel jobs to extend your travels without extending your wallet!

Hostel Jobs are the best way to extend your travels

How Hostel Jobs Work:

  • Hours per Week/Days Off
    • The hostels will tell you how many hours a week you are required to work and how many days you have off. Use this to decide between different hostel jobs in the same city!
  • Minimum – Maximum Stays
    • Different hostel jobs will require different lengths of stays! If you want somewhere to stay for 3 months, use that to narrow your search! The same goes for if you only have 2 weeks abroad!
  • Requirement of Positions
    • Find out what the hostel wants from the position they are hiring you for. If you don’t enjoy “handy work,” find a different hostel job!
      • Common positions are: Receptionist, cook, cleaner, photographer, graffiti artist, yoga instructors, ect!

What do You Get Beyond a Free Stay?

What you get varies from hostel to hostel. Some offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Others may give you free laundry, drinks, and parties. When deciding where you want to work, this may be one of the largest contributing factors. Ask yourself, “Are meals in my budget?” or “Are free parties important to me?”

What People are Saying

Before confirming your experience with a hostel, be sure to check out the reviews. By seeing what past workers have said about the environment, work load, city, and staff you can ensure your happiness at your future hostel job!

Do You Need a Visa?

No! In most locations, staying for a free stay does not require a visa. Just check your destination’s policies on how long you are allowed to stay in the country with out a visa, and you are all set!

Where to Find Hostel Jobs

Many hostels find their work through people asking them in person/through the email listed on their website. If you have a particular city or hostel you would like to work at, contact them personally. If not check out these websites:

  • is a very sleek and honest website where you can find jobs all around the world!
  • is a trustworthy help exchange website where you can find all kinds of jobs overseas, including hostel jobs!

Now Go Travel!

Now that you know how to extend your cultural immersions, do it! Grab up hostel jobs around the world and see it with the eye of a local and a full wallet!

Have you ever worked at a hostel? What was your experience like!?

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