How to Plan a European Spring Break on a Budget


We’re often filled with more wanderlust than our pockets can afford. Is a European spring break possible on a small (student) budget? Yes it is! Here’s how:

Start planning early

By doing this you can get a place in all the best/cheapest hostels before they are sold out- saving you a lot per night! Also, you will have plenty of time to research the cheapest and best places to stay. I recommend finding a top-three places that you want to stay in each city, and then read reviews about those. Read about your favorite travel bloggers’ hostels in cities they have visited! Check out my post about how to use AirBnB (plus a $30 off voucher!)

Set up price alerts on flights

Since you started planning early, you will be able to set up price alerts on flights using apps such as SkyScanner. In addition, please remember that if you are searching online, to clear your history before you do every time (flight websites track your search data and may raise the prices). Check out my post about how to book cheap flights with STA Travel!

Make an itinerary based on how expensive destinations are

For example, if you are traveling on a budget, don’t chose this trip to see somewhere like London. Instead, make a list of places that you want to see, and research which ones are cheaper to visit.

Be open to what places to visit

By searching on a website such as RyanAir, you can find flights across Europe that are cheaper than train prices. However, their flights do not connect all cities. Therefore, I suggest that you be open to what cities to visit based on cheaper flights!

Search the best things to do for FREE in each city

In most cities, the best things to do are free! Check your favorite travel blogs for their advice on the best free things to do in your destinations!

Take overnight trains

With overnight trains, you can get a place to sleep as well as transportation in between cities, it’s like a 2 for 1!

Pack only a backpack

The possible costs for luggage make this a must. Especially because you may be arriving in cities before your accommodation is ready- you don’t want to be tied to a suitcase!

Other than these tips, I would also recommend following other more general tips such as not eating out for every meal, staying in hostels, and start saving EARLY! Check out my post about Unique Ways to Make Money for Travel!


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