Why You MUST Travel as a Student

Six reasons you need to travel before you graduate!


Student Discounts

This doesn’t just end in your college-town! By getting an International Student ID, you will get the “student” price everywhere you go! It pays for itself many times over, and it make seeing the sights super affordable! Some cities even have student discounts on their “city passes,” which means that this card can get you cheaper public transportation tickets as well!

Cheap Flights

If you’re a student, you should always book your flights with STA Travel! Check out this post to learn ALL ABOUT how to do it!

It Adds to Your Education

When you travel, no matter where you are in the world, you are guaranteed to learn things you never could have in a classroom. You might pick up new languages, cultures, worldviews, and connections. College is supposed to be about making you ready for the world, but traveling will expose you to a world you have never seen, and allow you to learn how to live in it!

No Job Responsibilities

Once you graduate, you will have a job (hopefully). Because of this, if you want to travel, you will have to do it during the tourist-high-seasons and only for one week at a time (two if you’re lucky). As a student, semesters are only 16 weeks long, and you have the rest of the year to see the world, with no one questioning you.

You Might Find What You Want To Do With Your Life

Traveling the world exposes you to things you didn’t know existed. You will find out about new industries and interests! If you wait to discover these things after you’ve already graduated and settled down, it will be a lot harder to uproot and go somewhere new.

Home Is Still Undefined

Speaking of uprooting, when you are a student the idea of “home” is completely free and open for your own interpretation. Once you graduate, find a job, maybe buy a home, it is a lot harder to travel for extended periods of time because you have a home to take care of/that is calling you back. As a student you can FIND your HOME ABROAD!

Worried about how to afford travel as a college student? Check out this post about How to ACTUALLY Save for Travel, or this post about 6 Unique Ways to Make Money for Travel

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  1. Good reasons! I never got the chance to travel that extensively back when I was a student (except for family vacations and one summer studying abroad in Paris), but now living and working in Europe, I’m making it count! Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s so wonderful to hear!!!!! And a summer in Paris doesn’t sound SO bad!!!! I’m so glad you’re making it count now!

  2. I’m still at school… but I can’t wait to travel as a student! I’m so passionate about travelling so it’s really nice to read your page, thank you for the fab tips 🙂

      1. I’d like to go everywhere! Haha. I can’t wait to explore more of America because I’ve only been to New York, and Australia is definitely up there on my list too. I live in the UK so I’ve seen a bit of Europe and am looking forward to going further afield. Where is you favourite place that you have seen so far?

  3. I love these ideas! We should follow each other we have the same outlook about traveling and how to afford it as a college student 😊😊

  4. Love this so much! I completely agree! I’m a student and I’ve been trying to travel as much as possible

  5. So much “YES” to this entire post! I did a 4-month international internship in Seville, when I was in college and then went to London the year after for a few months as well. Those trips, especially the one to Seville, changed the trajectory of my life and encouraged me to do what I’m doing now. You’re awesome- looking forward to more posts 🙂

    1. I’m glad that this post was so relatable for you!!! And I am SO glad that you got to take advantage of those opportunities!!! You’re awesome!!!!!

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