100 Things to Keep in Your Travel Journal

100 Things to keep in your travel journal

  1. Plane boarding passes

  2. Airport luggage tags

  3. Train tickets

  4. Metro tickets

    1. If you load more than one ride onto these, they will be dated of all the times you used them!

  5. Business cards from places you like

    1. These will include addresses, so you can visit again!

  6. Museum tickets

  7. Concert/Festival tickets

  8. Free city maps as backgrounds, grab two everywhere you go!

  9. Letters from family and friends

    My Travel Journal page with brochure and business cards
    A couple of pages out of my journal
  10. Postal Stamps

  11. Packaging from your favorite foreign foods

  12. Candy wrappers

  13. Wine Labels

  14. Beer caps

  15. Brochures from sites you visit

    1. They fold out and maximize your space to make your journal like a pop-up book!

  16. Stickers that close a bag/bears a logo

    1. Like my ‘The Student Traveler’ Stickers! Coming soon to my facebook page:
  17. Tea bag wrappers

  18. Tea bag tabs

  19. Coffee sleeves

  20. Left over currency

    1. Looking for a journal to keep your 100 things in? Check out these on Amazon:

  21. Receipts in different languages

  22. An itinerary for the trip

  23. The city’s official tourism brochure

  24. Cut outs of the city’s name that the page is about

    1. Adds great organization to your pages and makes them look pretty!

  25. Cut outs of advertisements

    1. Check out my other post “How To: Travel Journaling” for more photos and instructions for the ultimate travel journal
  26. Weather reports from the day from the local newspaper (always free near metros)

  27. Newspaper headlines/articles in a different language

  28. Use pouches from espresso pods as a pocket to hold the Cafe’s flyer

  29. Magazine clippings of images

  30. The pretty package that something came in

    My travel journal page with post card, notes, photos, and flower petals
    A couple of pages out of my travel journal!
  31. A bag from a store you liked with the store’s name on it

  32. Flower Petals!

  33. Leafs/stems

  34. Price tags from your favorite shopping trips

  35. Photography of your locations cut out of photography magazines

  36. City bike rental cards

  37. Museum maps

  38. Sauce packets

  39. Passport stamps (if the people at the window are nice enough!)

  40. Things you find on the street

  41. Party invitations

  42. People’s phone numbers that they give to you as an attempt to flirt!

  43. The toothpick that came in your big sandwich

  44. Menus

  45. Advertisements stapled to light posts

  46. Flyers that people hand you

  47. A napkin bearing a place’s name

  48. The thing that wraps around your silverware bearing the place’s name

  49. A coffee bean

  50. A piece of a shoe string that unfortunately broke in the middle of a city or forest or beach

    Page From My travel journal about the Louvre museum and my trip to Paris
    A couple of pages from my travel journal!
  51. Place stamps (every national park in the US has these)

  52. A coffee stain

  53. A wine stain

  54. Envelopes letters come in

  55. Sea Shells

  56. Journal entries

    1. You can pre-write prompts before your trip on a few pages, such as:

  57. “A Beautiful Moment:”,

  58. “Thoughts & Date”,

  59. “Things that Made Me Smile”

  60. Photos from the trip

    1. Printed off on an instant printing camera/phone printer

      Vintage instax polaroid for travel journal photos
      I love this vintage looking instax for instant photos for travel journaling!
      Polaroid Camera For Instant Travel Journal Pics
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      Polaroid Insta Pics for Instant Travel Journal Photos
      Check out this awesome bundle to get your travel journal started!

  61. Photos from the trip

  62. Draw a place for your photos and print later

  63. Drawings of surroundings

  64. Places to eat/tips for next time you go

  65. Packing list

  66. Practical facts about prices of tickets

  67. Advice about what you enjoyed/didn’t

  68. When and Where headings


    1. That you look up beforehand


    1. That you hear while traveling

  71. Names of people you met

    My travel journal with post cards and vintage maps
    A couple of pages out of my travel journal!
  72. Contact information for people you meet

  73. Small poems inspired by your surroundings

  74. Prose sketches of people you meet

  75. A hand drawn map of your surroundings

  76. Water color drawings

  77. Sand, stuck to the back of clear tape

  78. A bucket list for the trip

  79. Drawing of the skyline

  80. String art

  81. A collage

  82. “open when” notes from friends/family who are sending you off

  83. A ribbon bookmark + pencil attached to it

  84. Post cards (bought new)

  85. Vintage post cards

    1. Bought in cute little thrift stores, with old messages on the back already!

  86. Vintage Maps

    1. Go to this cool website and print off (FREE) real vintage maps of the places you are going!

    2. Cute Travel Journal Tape
      Keep your journal CUTE by buying these travel-themed tapes for post cards, maps, and everything else!

  87. A map for coloring in all of the places you go to on the trip

  88. Bought stickers

  89. Calendars

    1. Free printable ones can be found anywhere!

  90. Autographs

    A couple of pages out of my travel journal!
  91. A bracelet

  92. A necklace/beads

  93. A bookmark

  94. A pressed coin

  95. A book page

  96. Travel themed free printable

    1. Here’s a few of mine that I have created for you!
      1. Travel Picnicing
      2. Packing List for Paris
  97. Photo booth rolls

  98. A perfume sample you liked (or didn’t)

  99. Recipes

  100. Etchings

    1. Of grave stones or raised street names or cool textures

  101. A drawing bought from a street artist


Check out another post about Travel Journaling by me, which contains links to anything you would need to buy for your travel journal, and photos of Travel Journal Inspiration! (Including some photos from my own travel journal!)



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  1. This is SUCH a good list. I never would have thought of a lot of this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome post and ideas! I recently started keeping a travel journal and honestly don’t know how I managed without it. I LOVE keeping these memories and it’s great for us bloggers too. I also recently discovered ‘saving’ places on googles maps and have been eagerly leaving stars all over the world. Happy travels X

    1. Yay!!!!!! I am SO happy that I could help and that you’re just as enthusiastic as me about travel journaling!!!!

  3. Wow this is a great post! As a fellow travel blogger I love to see stuff like his and read about other people’s adventures!

  4. Wow, great list 😛 I love the look of your travel journal! mine started it off good but need to take some time to catch up! I like to keep tickets and maps of all kinds, right now they are just in a box 😛

    1. Thank you!!! I like to think of it as a great rainy day project- when I have a bunch of things in a box or bag. That’s how I am right now with journaling my Amsterdam travels- but I’ll get there! I’m glad that you liked the list!

  5. These are all amazing ideas! I definitely did a lot of this when I traveled! These require a scrapbook sized journal though haha

    1. Thank you!!! And yes, if you did all of these it would definitely take up a lot of space! I like to use my moleskin journals for my travel journals- the 8×10 (I think that’s the dimensions)

  6. I do a lot of these already, but I LOVE the idea of coffee and wine stains! Will have to remember that when we head to Paris in a few weeks!

    1. You’re heading to Paris soon?! Lucky! I miss it so much more than I though I would!!! And definitely keep an eye out for a good stain! Haha

    1. Thank you for such kind words! I’m always so happy to help and I hope your travel journaling goes amazing

  7. Thank you for these excellent suggestions! I have been planning to make a journal of my next trip and was thinking of what to put in. This has been so helpful! Happy travels! PS, if you would like to look at my blog, it would be so appreciated. It’s very new and I’m trying to get it off the ground so all the views / likes / subs help. Thanks!

    1. Hello Josh! Thank you for such kind words! I am so happy that this could help, and I will happily love to look at your blog! I love finding new blogs!

      1. Thank you Brooke. My blog is in the very early stages at the moment, I’m just trying to get a few posts up. Stay tuned!

        1. Great! I can’t wait! I followed you and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  8. Wow, I don’t know how you came up with such an extensive list! But great ideas! Thanks.

    1. Omar,
      Thank you SO much for your kind words! It all came from my own travel journaling experience! I hope that it helped you with documenting your travels!
      Your Student Traveler,

  9. Loved the compilation ! Though we do collect all the little things you mentioned here, we never thought of saving it in the form of a journal.. very inspiring !!! 🙂 Will undertake the project now. 🙂

  10. scrap book attract me, first time collected as a trace from where I am, but after a while i dont have time to do it anymore,. If u had time it is good to have scrapbook.

    1. That is a really awesome way to look at it- Like a scrapbook keepsake of your travels! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  11. you have some great ideas. rather than carry them around because I want to travel light, I take photos of many of these things, I can use these photos when creating a digital scrapbook when I get home. All of my photos are time and date stamped and help me to remember some of the details as well. very helpful list; thanks

    1. Thank you for the kind comment! I love that idea of the digital scrapbook. Very nice!!!!!

    1. That is so great to hear!! I hope that you can get out there and travel!

  12. Me n hubby are travelling to Canada in the autumn for 5 weeks. I’ve got a load of scrapbooking stuff at home but want to travel light. I would love to have a go at journaling but not sure what sort of book to use and is it possible to link it with a scrap book on my return as I’m pretty sure I’ll have lots of photos.

    1. I think scrapbooking would be the BEST way to showcase your travels- if you have the supplies, time, and talent! So in your case, I would look at the travel journal as a rough draft! write down ideas that you have for your scrapbook, and particular stories that will go with photos that you print and place in your scrapbook!About the notebook, I highly recommend investing in something good (I use moleskin because they somehow never break on me, despite all I put them through!). I hope that helps you out!! Your final scrapbook could be a great coffee-table book!!!!!!

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