5 Days in Amsterdam

What do you do with 5 days in Amsterdam? In early August I got the wonderful opportunity to make this decision. Here’s my story:


Day 1

We arrived around 6pm and took a taxi to our Airbnb after taking photos with the IAMSTERDAM sign outside the airport!


We decided to go enjoy some Amsterdam night life. Walking the canals at sunset was spectacular, and we found ourselves at the floating flower market, Bloemenmarkt. We soon ended the evening back near our hostel at the beautiful Vondelpark.


Day 2

For breakfast we walked to The Breakfast Club Amsterdam for an outstanding breakfast! I highly recommend the trip, the waiters are friendly and efficient, and Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters is just around the corner!


We walked around for quite a while, getting a great feel for the city and enjoying the endless canal views. We eventually stumbled upon an outdoor market and got an amazing fresh Stroopwafel!


The Van Gogh museum took up most of our afternoon, totally worth it, and we were lucky enough to get in free thanks to our amazing Airbnb hosts!


In the after some much deserved rest, we enjoyed Amsterdam’s amazing night life again!

Day 3

On our third day in Amsterdam, we went on our own guided walking tour. Here’s how that went:

  • A giant music shop
  • A new street in the direction of Rembrant Square
  • Stop by to see the 15 bridge view on the corner of Reguliersgracht and Keizersgracht
  • The Fault in Our Stars Bench
*geeks out on TFIOS bench*
  • Bloemenmarkt (floating flower market) again
  • An open air book market!
  • Begijnhof (a beautiful, hidden square with rich history)


  • Shop on the 9 streets
  • Go to Dam Square
  • Visit Westerkerk Church
  • See the Anne Frank House
  • Enjoy more Nightlife


We saw so much on this day, and I truly recommend following this point-by-point walking tour (that we custom made for ourselves), because it takes you by so many more things you might be interested in!

Day 4

We took a day trip to Leiden! Check out the details of the trip here!


After coming back to Amsterdam in the early evening, we got off at the Central Station stop, and visited the library (which had some amazing views) and explored some of the crawling downtown areas!


Day 5

We had been itching to visit the Bansky museum and Rijksmuseum, so we got up early and headed there! Don’t miss a great lunch and people watching spot just outside the museums!!

Later, we finally completed all of the sections of the beautiful nine streets that we didn’t get to on day 3! The nine streets are arguably the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam, as well as being home to the most unique stores!



We then took time to explore the Jordaan area, before gorging on a huge steak dinner and- you guessed it- enjoying more Amsterdam night life!


The End…

…but my memories will live forever.

The next morning we had to get up and catch the plane home, but the five days we spent in Amsterdam were some of the best all summer!

What is your favorite thing to do in Amsterdam? Did I forget any important spots? Let me know!


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  1. Aww love this post! I visited Amsterdam twice in the span of a year and loved it both times! If you get the chance to go back, I’d recommend going to De Foodhallen to eat & taking a train to the tulip fields if you are there during bloom season! 🙂

    1. Yesssss!!!!!! I want to go back so badly during blooming season, it just sounds magical. You are so lucky to have been twice! Thank you for all of the advice!

  2. It’s been a long time since I was in Amsterdam; I bet quite a bit has changed since then. Glad you enjoyed yourself there.

    1. Probably so, but sometimes I felt like I was stepping back in time so maybe somethings just haven’t changed ❤

  3. Awesome pics! The floating flower market and open air book market would probably be my favorite parts of the trip! XO

    1. Mine too!!!!!!! I am SUCH a sucker for markets!!! I guess it’s because we don’t often have them here in the states- at least where I’m from- and it’s such a fun experience and a way to speak with locals!

  4. Beautiful canal shots. Amsterdam is a moody city, I think. Behind her bright flowers and shiny water, there always seems to be a quiet melancholy. But maybe I get those feelings from things like the Anne Frank house and some of the old Dutch masters’ paintings! I did really enjoy it, and your summary of your five days brought back some fun memories.

    1. I’m glad I could bring back some memories for you 🙂 I agree though, if you spend too much time thinking about the history rather than living right now. But I feel that’s a given for any city!! Maybe it’s that Dutch weather!!

  5. I am so jealous you got to go on the Fault in Our Stars bench! How wonderful. I totally lived vicariously through this entire post. Certainly looks like you made the most of it!!!! xx

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment!!! It was such an amazing five days, and you’re right about the TFIOS bench- it didn’t feel like real life!!

  6. Brooke, we rented an apartment and spent 3 months in Amsterdam. And other than London (where we lived 3 years), it’s our favorite city in Europe. The Dutch people are so friendly and helpful, the history and architecture is great … I could go on and on. Every serious traveler should see Amsterdam. ~James

    1. Hi James!!! Thank you for the kind comment!!! That’s so interesting that you actually got to live there- did your job take you? And do you have recommendations for areas to apartment hunt? My boyfriend and I are considering getting our masters there!

      1. Hey Brooke. Our apartment was on the SW side of town near the Vondelpark. For us, we had limited choices because we were looking for a furnished, short-term rental. If you’re going for a masters, then you’ll be there a while so you should have lots of choices. I suspect it will come down to budget. As with most cities, flats in the center will be smaller and more expensive than places farther out. We lived right on a tram line which was very convenient. But as you know, Amsterdam really isn’t a big, spread out place so walking, and of course biking are great options. Best of luck. ~James

  7. Fab photos as per usual. I can’t wait to visit and fangirl at TFIOS points 😬 Sounds like a wonderful trip!

    1. Thank you!!! Yes! It was almost surreal like trying to picture how they chose the bench and how they shot it

  8. You itinerary sounds awesome. I’m heading to Europe next month and have a few days to spend in Amsterdam so I can’t wait to stroll up those gorgeous canals! P.s. that pancake stack is simply marvelous!

    1. Yes it is!!! I’m so happy that you will be in Amsterdam!! Hopefully I will have some more posts to help you out before you get there!!! Thank you for such a kind comment!!

    1. Thank you so much!! One has to admit that Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful places in the world, just waiting to be photographed!

  9. Great post! 🙂 I loved Vondelpark, you are so lucky that you got to stay so close to it!

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