Leiden Day Trip from Amsterdam

Experiencing Dutch culture is an essential part of visiting Amsterdam. Sometimes you have to go out of the city where the windmills and Dutch culture thrives. For my day trip (we were back in Amsterdam by 5pm) I chose to visit Leiden.


How to Go to Leiden

Trains run EXTREMELY regularly from the Amsterdam Zuid train station (we’re talking every 20 minutes). Take the city tram 2 or 5 to get to Amsterdam Zuid and ask the man in the window for a round trip ticket to Leiden (around €15).

What to Do

1. Visit a Windmill

Head to Museum De Valk Windmill on your way into town. You get to climb through all of the levels-even the deck where the windmill spins. I learned so much more about the windmills and Dutch culture though the great videos and exhibits. Plus, it’s not very crowded.

2016-08-15-05.01.44-1.jpg.jpg2. Shop, shop, shop

Leiden has a huge amount of shopping- the city map even has a special color for the shopping streets!

2.5 Go to an Outdoor Market

I was lucky enough to be visiting when 2 outdoor markets were going on! One was antiques, the other was food, but both were along the canals!2016-08-15-05.00.13-2.jpg.jpg

3. Eat Lunch Along the Canals

In Leiden, most of the restaurants have outdoor seating on a boat on the canal! A great view of the canals and some really good food.

2016-08-15-05.01.39-1.jpg.jpg4. Go to The Burcht van Leiden

Resting away from the center, back in a courtyard, and up 50 steps is an awesome spot to grab some amazing views of the city! An old fort, but now you can eat lunch inside and walk around the rim!


5. Visit Churches

While they may not be open all the time, the outsides are gorgeous and you will often wonder through great small and local shops getting there!


6. Take a Canal Tour

There’s a reason these are still in business, tit is the best way to learn about where you are. Watch out of 20% off advertisers near the city center!

Twist: take a kayak tour through the city for a more intimate and unique experience


7. Get Lost

There is no better way to explore the city than getting lost of course!!


Some More Things to Do


Other Day Trip Destination Options I’ve Been Recommended To

  • Haarlem

  • Zaanse Shchans


Have you ever been to Leiden? What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. WINDMILLS! I was so in love with them in Netherlands! And yes to getting lost. I think it’s inevitable. I tried NOT to get lost and wound up lost anyway and it was amazing ahaha

    1. Exactly! It seems like on all my “advice” for cities lists is getting lost!!! Thank you so much for the kind words!(:

  2. I’m hoping to get myself over to Amsterdam in the next year/year and a half so this is a very useful post! All noted down 🙂

    ~ Kat ~

  3. So cool you went to Leiden! I have a friend who lives right by the main station, across from the Jumbo. She took me to a lot of the fun spots I see in your pics. They’re fabulous, btw. I feel like we have this Leiden bond now. lol

    1. Me too!!! It’s such a great place! Not to mention beautiful. Even though I was there on a “traditional” Dutch day. Did she take you anywhere I didn’t go?

  4. Wonderful post! Definitely on my “to visit” list!! Cheers from Portland, Oregon

    1. Portland is my dream USA destination!!!!! Well, really, all of Oregon. It looks beautiful!!!!!! Thank you so much for your extremely kind words 🙂

  5. Very nice shots. If you get ths chance, try to visit Bamberg, Nurnberg, and Munich. I was stationed in Bamberg from 2001 to 2009. It is a very beautiful, midevil era town. Lots to enjoy there.

  6. We haven’t been to Leiden, but really loved Delft. A kayak tour through the canals sounds like such a fun experience!

  7. Yes Getting lost is the very best way to discover things! An adventure too

  8. I love that number 7 and i miss Amsterdam!! Great post, luv this!

  9. Amsterdam has been on my bucket list for years. The pictures you included makes me think I will include Leiden whenever I get over there. Lovely post! 😉

    1. I didn’t!!! And I’m so sad that I missed it 🙁 but now that means I have to go back!!!!!! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Wow thank you so much!!!!! I hope you have SO much fun!!! A post about Amsterdam will be coming soon- finally got a break from my classes to write one!

      1. You’re welcome 😀 And thank you, I will watch out for your post! I’ve never been so I’m open to all the ideas and recommendations I can get!

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