8 Views of Paris: A Local’s Point of View

You’re off to Paris, and you know you want to take about 1,584 photos. But where are best photo opps?! Luckily, I have lived in France for quite a while now, and after asking so many locals about their favorite views of the famous City of Lights, I am ready to share my results with you!! I’ve chosen the best views that also come with a Parisian experience, so that you aren’t just seeing the city with nothing to do!

So really, what are the BEST 8 views of Paris?


1. Arc de Triomphe

During my first hour in Paris, I met a wonderful local girl in a coffee shop and her biggest piece of advice was not to miss the Arc de Triomphe. So many people think that they would rather scale the Tour Eiffel, but upon her suggestion and my own experience- the view from the Arc de Triomphe definitely tops it! Plus, your photos from the this view will include the Tour Eiffel in the background!

You can see all the way down Champ Elysees!
The photo opps are endless on top of this thing!

2. Printemps

Shopping plus a view of endless monuments, how can it get more Parisian? Instructions: Once you enter the store, go up, and up, and up some more. All of these views, plus a cafe! How amazing! Be sure to go to this location: 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

Find all of the links to the amazing photographers who contributed to this article at the bottom!

3. Galeries Lafayette

While we’re in the shopping mood, lets swing around the corner to Galeries Lafayette! (40 Boulevard Haussmann Location). The instructions to these amazing rooftop views– with two cafes this time- are similar: go up, go up, go up. Just make sure you’re in the women’s side of the store, and follow the escalators all the way up! It is a very chill atmosphere in the cafes here, but beware of the prices!

I think I could stay up here for a while

4. Palais Garnier (Opera)

You can see it from the top of Galeries Lafayette, and you’re wondering what this beautiful building is! It is the famous Palais Garnier! AKA where Phantom of the Opera is set! It is magnificent inside, and not just for the music obsessed! Tickets are only 7 Euros for students, and you can enjoy this magnificent view (pictured in feature image), as well as having fun roaming around the house of the Phantom of the Opera!!

You can see all the way to the Louvre!

5. 43 Up The Roof Top Bar

With reservations, an empty stomach, and a camera- one could easily spend several hours up here! The views are the best of all the roof top bars! Visit here (4 Rue Danton, 75006 Paris) or call ahead for reservations! The bar is moved to the roof only in the summer time though, I am sorry to those winter Paris goers.


6. Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre

Yes, this view is less of a secret to all of Paris. But you can not miss it!! Every single local recommends it, and I know why! It is gorgeous! I don’t mind that the area around it is less than perfect, because this view and church are more than enough to bring me here! I don’t recommend an solo trip in the early morning or night though, read this post to see why.


7. Parc De Belleville

Paris does have some green space, believe it or not, and this park offers an amazing view of the city! You could come up here for a picnic,a rest from the crowds, or just a photo opp. Either way, it is worth it!


8. Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont

Another beautiful park with views of the city, but this time, with cliffs. Seriously! If I wasn’t here to guarantee that yes, this is in Paris, France- you probably wouldn’t believe me. But look at this place! Save this map so you don’t get lost when you get there!

Passerelle suspendue du parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Paris 19e, Sou


  1. Arc de Triomphe
  2. Printemps
  3. Galeries Lafayette
  4. Palais Garnier (Opera)
  5. 43 Up The Roof Top Bar
  6.  Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre
  7. Parc De Belleville
  8. Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont

What was your favorite spot? Do you have a favorite view that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Photography sources: Printemps, 43 Up The Roof, Parc De Belleville, Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont

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  1. This is a brilliant idea for a post! I adored reading it and it’s made me want to go to Paris again immediately! Amazing photos 🙂

    ~ Kat ~

    1. Thank you so much!!! I just left Paris three days ago and I’m already wanting to go back just from writing this! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it!

  2. Love it! I’ve been to many of those sites BUT will have to go back for the ones I’ve missed 🙂

    1. Exactly! It’s like no matter how many times you go someone tells you about something that makes you want to return

  3. Your pictures are wonderful! I have been to Paris in winter and it seems it is one of cities that look amazing all year round!

    1. Oh really!!! I honestly have never considered what a city might look like in winter- being a student still I don’t really get to travel in the winter- but I truly hope to have that experience one day!!! Ice skating in Paris sounds like a dream come true (if they have that!)

  4. i have to add the view toward the louvre from the jardins des tuileries, with beautiful fountains, gardens, statues in the foreground.

  5. I’m partial to the view from the top of Notre Dame, peering past the gargoyles at the streets radiating out into the distance. In the past, we could actually sit on the roof, but I’ve heard they’ve closed that off to visitors now. Can you still climb the curvy steps the whole way up one of the towers?

    1. Yes you can!!! Thank you for the comment! It’s more of one of the things you would want to buy your tickets ahead of time for though, that’s why I didn’t include it in this post (because I was going for more free/things you could do last minute) but I agree- that view is a must see!!!!

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