The Key to Healthy Travels

Being unhealthy while traveling will ruin a whole trip. You don’t want to be met with a pounding headache when you are supposed to be meeting the awesome locals. Nor do you want to spend your time in the bathrooms of Paris as opposed to the beautiful streets. Staying healthy while traveling is one of the most important steps to making your trip a success.

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I interviewed one of my best friends, nutrition expert, and world traveler, Dani, about her opinions on healthy travel:

Why is it important to eat healthy while traveling?

Dani: “To feel your best, be comfortable, and focus on enjoying your destination… Eating lots of beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables provides so much nutrition and fiber which will help you stay regular. Staying regular is the best way to be comfortable while traveling, especially when you may already be in uncomfortable situations (Buses, Sleeping arrangements, no A/C, ect). Also, staying healthy while traveling may encourage you to bring home the same habits and continue a healthy lifestyle!”

(Market in Bordeaux) There are awesome markets everywhere, so no excuses people! 

What is the best travel day snack?

Dani: “Fruit! Apples are especially durable and satisfying after walking round for hours. Also, dried fruit is a great way to get some sufficient calories, vitamins, and fiber. (Just be sure to drink extra water). Fresh fruit is available all over the world in markets or grocery stores and it can be a great opportunity to find fruit not available in your own country… Clif bars are amazing for travel too, if you have space in your luggage… They have lots of fiber and vitamins that provide extra nutrition during travel.”

The grocery store I got my fruit from while in Paris!

What are the best drinks for travel days?


Of course you should drink water on travel days! But why? Dani told me, “Water is the number one drink for life! … Just have a water bottle, refill it and keep drinking all day… You will be way less tired, most likely have less headaches, and just feel better overall. Plus carrying around a reusable water bottle will not only help the environment but also save you money to do more traveling!”

If you don’t have a good water-drinking-habit built yet, I recommend downloading the Nalgene app! It sends great reminders and motivates you to drink more water every day! You can set your goals, and keep up with how much you have drank, and work your way toward a coupon! (If you don’t already have a Nalgene go get yourself one here or anywhere else that sells them). And if you think that reusable water bottles take up too much room in your luggage, grab a flexible one! Just as much water, much less space! Plus if your Nalgene breaks on the road, they will send you a new one.


Me and my Nalgene in Paris!


If you love coffee as much as I do, don’t fear! Coffee is great to stay healthy while traveling, physically and mentally. Dani says, “There is nothing more intimate and comforting than checking out local coffee shops and drinking a cup of coffee either alone or with your travel partner. It gives you a chance to relax and help you get through the day, especially if you have an early flight or bus to catch.”

Shout out to Brandon for being my model in Karl in Bordeaux

Coconut Water

Something I never considered is coconut water! However, Dani is a huge advocate because, “coconut water is so refreshing (only from the green ones though, the yellow are not as sweet) and is one of the highest sources of potassium! Potassium is essential to health and people over look its importance. It will help relieve bloating, balance your sodium levels, and improve your blood pressure… There are also many other vitamins and minerals found in coconuts like vitamin C, magnesium and B vitamins.”

Dani, the interviewee, in Costa Rica!

What is the worst drink for travelling?

We all, hopefully, know soda is aweful for a travel day, but why? Dani answered, “Soda is just full of sugar and dehydrates you because of the sodium and caffeine.” She went on, “Traveling is a great way to break that soda habit! Also milk is one of the worst beverages known in medical journals… Many cultures do not drink glasses of milk… so it’s a great time to kick that dairy habit!”

Final Tips

Sleep and Relaxation

Dani said, “to rest as much as possible. Yes, traveling is exciting and we ant to go do as much as we can but it is fine to have frequent days of relaxation.” I agree 100% with her, during my first week of my first long term trip I didn’t think I should go to sleep early nor sleep in- I thought resting was “wasting time”. But now I try to sleep 9 hours every night, and allow myself to rest at least once every day. This has made my time abroad much more enjoyable.


Matt, Dani’s boyfriend and my friend also wanted to add that “if you are prone to heartburn, always bring antacids. You may eat foods that are strange and might not know that they’ll trigger indigestion until an hour after you’ve eaten!”

Don’t forget to chose whole grains!


  1. Apples are a great healthy option that you can take in your carry-on

  2. All fruit is a good option at all times!

  3. All water, no soda.

  4. Coffee is good too.

  5. Why don’t you have a Nalgene?

  6. Sleep and relax!

  7. Enjoy your travels

About the interviewees

Dani and Matt are one of the awesomest couples I know, I mean hey, they answered all of my questions for this post!! They are currently traveling in Costa Rica and for the next year after they will be teaching English in Spain.

They plan to start a travel blog just for Vegans and for those seeking Vegan options while traveling! Stay tuned, I will put the link here!

Do you have any health tips for traveling? Or any bad stories about a time you wish you hadn’t ate something…? Let me know by replying below!


  1. Great tips! I will say, if you’re a very unhealthy person (burgers and fries for breakfast kind of thing) then start about a fortnight before you fly out; your body will NOT enjoy the change at first, and it could ruin your holiday.

  2. Staying healthy whilst traveling is sooo hard! I’ve been on the road for 4 months and had to buy new summer dresses cuz my old ones didn’t fit me…
    But anyway, hadn’t seen your blog before and I really like it! I can see you love embroidery too 🙂 I do cross-stitch though so it’s a bit different!
    Since your blog is so great, I’ll add you to my list of nominees for the Liebster Award!
    So here it is : you’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! 😀

    1. Wow!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! This comment was like an amazing rollercoaster! I really hope the tips on how to stay healthy will help you get those old ones back (if you want, because you are 100% gorgeous either way) And I’ve been wanting to try cross stitch!!! Maybe this fall… Thank you again for my nomination!!!!!

  3. No worries! It’s only cuz I think you deserve it 😉
    Can’t wait to read your answers!
    I drink lots of water already (actually had a bottle in my hand when I started reading your post^^), I’m just really struggling with actual meals cuz we have to eat out all the time and healthy food is not something that UK restaurants seem interested in…
    Payed £12 yesterday for a salad which ended up being a mountain of lettuce with a half avocado on top, meh…

    1. Oh that doesn’t sound appetizing :/ but some advice might be to grab some fruit from a local grocery store to carry and have that instead of fries at a restaurant ect…

      1. Yeah, I have my good weeks but sometimes it’s just too complicated 😉 I love pizzas too much I think^^

  4. Great post. Another good tip is popping some probiotics about two weeks before travel then continuing them throughout your trip. This helps in locations which are renowned for causing stomach ailments.

      1. I’m not currently taking them as the food and water in the Caribbean are generally fine but I usually pick them up from Whole Foods Market or Boots when I’m in the UK. I think it’s best to get ones which are as natural as possible. Eating probiotic yoghurt a couple of weeks before departure should also do the trick but you may find it hard to get this once you’re away. 🙂

  5. This is brilliant! Such good tips! Having an uncomfortable stomach will take a lot of joy out of the everyday. And definitely agree with the water 🙂 we don’t realise how easily dehydrated we can get. I’m encouraged by your coffee endorsement too 🙂 it makes the soul happy if you don’t have too much lol! Thanks for such an awesome, helpful post 🙂

  6. Love this post! So true about sodas. And great idea about fruits. Fruits and simple sandwiches are my newest lunch favorites when traveling. They save you money and you can enjoy them anywhere, whether it be at a nearby park, by a river, or even at a bus or train station. xo

  7. I also stress the importance of naps and snacks. IT may sound juvenile but that’s how I can get through a long day of sightseeing. I also like to stress doing a little stretching of yoga before and after walking around. After about 6 hours of city exploring feet hurt! Take care of them! Great post.

  8. Haha i’m always unhealthy while away then wonder why my energy is so low. Thanks for the tips! Great blog btw, beautifully designed 🙂

    1. Thank you so very much!!!!!! And yes- try to stay healthy next time and see how much better your trip is!(: best wishes!!!

  9. Love your tips Brooke! I feel like even if you’re eating healthy while at home, it’s easy to forget yourself while traveling! I think it’s good to plan your meals ahead when you’re in a new place so you don’t find yourself eating a cheeseburger just because you were starving and it was the first thing you could find in a city you don’t know!

    1. Thank you! Wow!!!! That’s a great idea! Because I’ve definitely ate a few cheeseburgers because of that exact thing. Planning meals ahead might also be good for hitting up those places you’ve read about/been recommended to! Thanks for the idea!(:

  10. When I travel I often eat to much sweet stuff because I have a mindset of “I should be letting go while I am on vacation”, but then I overdo it. I often regret eating sweets, but I never regret not eating them. It feels so much better not to have it in your body!

    There is no reason not to stay healthy while traveling. It just gives you more energy to do fun things.

    And I often don’t eat eat enough, because I’m picky and often don’t like the local food. Even worse habit!

    1. I agree so highly about not eating enough because of pickiness. I spent two months in France though, and since it was a small town there were no escapes from the local food- and I learned to eat! I’m so happy I did!

  11. As a fellow traveller, i found these to be some great tips ! 🙂 eating healthy and drinking lots of water is definitely the easiest tip to provide! great job

  12. Great tips! Sleep is what I usually forget to do (or fail to do) when I’m in a new place.

    1. Same here!!!! But I’ve really found that taking time away for a nap makes all of my experiences so much more enjoyable and vibrant

  13. I enjoyed reading your post and I looked forward to reading more. I started a blog 2 weeks ago. Can you help me get followers?

  14. I always find it difficult to stay in a routine when I’m traveling…especially because I want to try all the amazing food! Thanks for the tips – It definitely feels better to travel when you’re feeling 100% yourself.

  15. Thanks for sharing this post, we love it! We love travelling and keeping healthy is always key!

    1. I’m so happy that you liked it!!!! I really hope it helps in the furture and I agree- healthy travels are key!

  16. What a great read! As a guy who has traveled quite a bit internationally I can attest to all of these tips! I would say however that coffee is different for different people, and I think if you’re going to be drinking like…copious amounts of coffee on travels you better be willing to drink a whole lot of water, too!

    SO true about fiber though! Fiber is such an undervalued and underrated key nutrient for not just traveling, but day-to-day living. Being regular and being satisfied to prevent over-eating or eating the wrong foods (because fiber curbs hunger) is key!

    Loved this post, and will definitely be following from now on! As a new fitness/health blogger myself, I also want to say “Hello”! It’s nice to meet you! 🙂

    1. Hello!!! It’s nice to meet you too!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and I can’t wait to check out your blog!

  17. Thanks for sharing. When I travel a lot I actually tend to stop eating. Sometimes it just boils down to I hate eating alone in a restaurant, and sometimes I would just rather see all the sights and not be “distracted” by eating. Of course, this quickly results in low energy levels and a hangry mood! I look forward to reading more of your words in the future.

    1. Thank you for the kind comments!! Yes, staying energized is important!!! Even carrying small snacks in a bag will prevent both a hangry mood and having to eat alone!!! Happy travels!

  18. just found your blog! loved this interview and the tips. Esp bc I love love love coconut water :)) it’s so weird that depending on the brand coconut water can taste completely different than another. thx to you and your friends for the tips!

  19. I can totally relate with the “drink water” rule! The taste of the water in Turkey was so strange to me that I drank mostly juice and soda for the whole month, gained some weight, and felt out of it during my trip there. If I could do it over again I’d definitely stay more hydrated. I wonder what your friend has to say about exercise though? We were in a bus almost every day and the hotels didn’t have gyms, so what do you recommend to stay fit?
    Thanks for the advice!

    1. Wow! That’s crazy that you could make it so long without water- my advice there is to invest in a water bottle that has a filter built in so that you can drink it from anywhere!!! ALSO about exercise, my largest piece of advice is to remember when you are traveling to be open to walking longer distances. Yes, the metro could get you there about 20 minutes faster, but I really believe that when you are in a new place- that 20 minutes will take you by some seriously beautiful and new places! And if you aren’t getting enough exercise from walking, I personally recommend challenging yourself to eat only smaller portions of unhealthy foods. Still try all the foods of the culture- but if it is clearly very unhealthy- try to avoid putting so much of it into your body so that you won’t have to exercise so much to “work it off.” I hope that helps!!!

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