6 Creative Ways to Make Money for Travel

You want to travel. Whether it is for the summer or for 2 years- what you will need is money. This post will offer you the best and most unique ways to kick start your travel savings account. 

1.Sponsored Photos

Ask your family/friends to sponsor photos during your travels! If you have a lot of family and friends who are supportive of your trip- allow them to “buy” places for you to visit. For example: if my grandmother was especially excited for me to see the top of the Eiffel Tower, she would buy my ticket. In exchange I would take a photo at the top holding the sign “Thank you, Grandma!

This is a great way to see all of the great sites without breaking the bank! Especially if you are flexible with your travels, your family/friends may want to pick the places you go!


Can you hear me saying, “Thanks, grandma!!”

2. Put A Hobby to Work

If you like to knit, paint, make bracelets, embroider (find my travel funding embroidery business here), or anything else- use it to make money for your travels! As long as you can greatly cover your overhead costs and commit the profit only to your savings, this will bring in much needed income!

Here are some ideas:

  • Ask a local shop if you can sell your hobby in their store
  • Create an online business using Etsy
  • Approach park stores about making items for them

With my online embroidery shop, I bought my 80L backpack, a plane ticket, and a hostel!

Go create your own Etsy shop!

3. Wal-Mart savings catcher

Wal-Mart has an app that allows you to scan your receipts within 7 days of purchase, and if there are any competitors in your area that have better deals on any items you purchased, you will get the difference back!

If you get serious about this, and get that one family member who spends $200 weekly on board, you can gather a lot of money just from scanning a barcode!


  • Ask your family to send you photos of their receipts if you aren’t near them, you can type in the number of the barcode.
  • Grocery shop at Wal-Mart (at least until you are done saving). Even if they aren’t the cheapest store, you will get the money back now!
  • Download the app here

I bought my universal adapter with my savings! It is wonderful!


4. Sell Your Old Stuff

Whether it is a consignment shop buying it, or all of your neighbors at a yard sale- this is the best way to get paid to clean out your closet (and under you bed, and in that corner you try not to look at).

When you get back you will have plenty of room for all of the new clothes and souvenirs you bought with all of that extra cash!

If you’re lucky like me, your family members will support your trip by donating items to your yard sale! It will help them clean and help you save!

I made $500 for traveling by having a family yard sale and selling clothes to a consignment shop!

See original image

5. Give up something and Save the Money from it!

This trick isn’t just for smokers who are trying to quit. You can do it too! Just give up something that you do not love as much as the travel you are trading it for. Just make sure to dedicate that extra cash to your Travel savings!

Here are some examples of things to give up:

  • Eating Out
  • Soda
  • Starbucks
  • Cigarettes
  • Shopping Trips

This tip will be greatly enhanced if you pair it with a new budget! Find out how at my post about saving for travel!

6. Cash all of your Change

This may be a classic for you, but you would be surprise with how many people do not save their change! The best part of this: ask them to donate it to your collection!

As soon as people know you are saving change, they might give you theirs because they see it as a burden!

You already have this money, just use it!


Do you have any other savings ideas? Reply in the comments or leave a link to your own post about it!!! I can’t wait to read more great solutions to make traveling the world possible!

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    1. Thank you!! I’ve never really seen it anywhere but I think it’s a great idea for all those grandparents who want to help 😁

  1. Good tips! I have never heard about the first one but seems good way of earning some extra money 🙂

    1. Thank you!!!! I agree- I think it would be a great way to support your travels! Because when we think about going to big destinations half the costs are tickets! Especially with all the new “city passes” you could REALLY earn some extra money!

  2. One of the things I gave up when I started travelling was going out friday nights to party, instead of going out weekly I would give myself one friday a month that way I managed to save a lot of money!

    1. That’s an amazing tip!!!! By scheduling it out monthly, you can really set aside a very specific fund for parties! Great idea- thank you!!

  3. Great tips. The magic that happens when you go to the shops and make a conscious decision to leave it only with what you need and nothing else! Hard work, but pays back 🙂

  4. Cool tips here and we learnt new ones too! At the moment we are trying hard at following your tip number 5! We are trying our best not to eat out! You have been really lucky with your number one tip! Your Grandma is pretty nice 🙂 It is great to hear that you set up an Etsy account and sold your stuffs! Your post encouraged us to do a garage sale soon as we are going on our one year trip soon!
    Keep up the great work.
    Patrick and Cécile from http://www.travel4lifeblog.com

    1. I am so happy that I could help!!!!! Money is one of the most stressful things to think about- and I hope that this helped make your one year trip less stressful! I can not wait to read about it!!

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