4 Days in Paris: Day 2

What to do with 4 days in Paris!

This series of posts will detail my 4 days in Paris; what I loved and what I didn’t! They will all be linked to each other! I can’t publish them all at once because of the length! Day 2 involves bikes, Musée du Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, the Seine river, and some great friends. 

Day 2

I woke up early and ate breakfast in my hostel,which really reminded me of the French breakfasts we have at the French home I am living in this summer!

Plus, I beat the crowds of hungry hostel mates


Before the streets got busy I rented a bike from the city’s wonderful bike service. Here’s an all encompassing post of how to use them! I rode everywhere, and up-kept my passion for going down one-way streets the wrong way (mostly by accident). All this time I mostly bathed in the fact that I was riding a bike in Paris, France.


Musée du Louvre

As 9am (the opening time of Musée du Louvre) approached, I returned my bike to a station close to the Louvre and made my way to the famous court-yard.


After taking my photos with the stunning architecture, I hopped in the “pre-ticket” line (coming soon: how to visit the Louvre). I was one of the first 20 people into the museum and therefore one of the first 10 to see the Mona Lisa.


After this I roamed the great halls for almost 3 hours, map in hand, holding back my tears because I didn’t see anyone else crying.

How does one create something this big?!


 The Louvre takes a lot out of you. This fact paired with how close my hostel is to the museum, called for lunch. I was trying to avoid the hefty prices of a lunch in the 1st arr. so I opted to visit the grocery store on my way home and eat lunch in my hostel while I took a small breather.


Arc de Triomphe

After lunch, a visit to the Arc de Triomphe was the plan! I took the metro to it, and stood in line for the ticket to the top, per advice from the local friend I had met the day before. The tickets are 12 Euros for adults,9 Euros for non-citizens under 26, and free for EU citizens under 26.



After descending the Arc and watching the crazy people who try to walk across the roundabout, I strolled down Champs-Élysées.- the beautiful street leading up to the Arc and covered in amazing designer shops. After being tired of not being able to shop anywhere on the street, I grabbed a coffee and macaron at Nespresso!

There is free wifi all along the street!

Tour Eiffel

All of my traveling in Paris was mostly done by foot or bike because I wanted to soak in the architecture of the city. Therefore, I walked to the Tour Eiffel from Champs-Élysées. While I didn’t go to the top, I enjoyed a nice seat on the Seine and people watched. Afterwards, I walked home.


The Search for Wi-Fi

I returned to my favorite coffee shop from yesterday and had another Matcha Latte, posting the photos from the day. The gardens are a great place to escape and relax after the crazy crowds around the tower.


Sunset on the Seine

Here’s the thing about solo-travel. Sometimes you get lonely, but you are so caught up in the things you want to get done that you don’t know what to do when you are actually done with them. So after posting the photos of my day I went back to my hostel and luckily, met all of the girls sleeping in my dorm. They asked if I wanted to drink wine with them on the banks of the Seine and I would have screamed yes if that wouldn’t have scared them away. All in all, it ended up being a perfect end to a perfect day in Paris.


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Have you ever been to Paris for a weekend? Do you have any questions/suggestions for me? Let me know by replying to my blog post below!

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