4 Days in Paris: Day 1

What to do with 4 days in Paris!

The next series of posts will detail my 4 days in Paris; what I loved and what I didn’t! They will all be linked to each other! I can’t publish them all at once because of the length!

Day 2 

Days 3 & 4


Day 1

I arrive by train at 12:24 and follow the signs to the metro. I bought a booklet of 10 tickets because this is definitely the best deal! Then I took the corresponding line to the stop closest to my hostel. I recommend that you plan your trip with a metro map in hand. It will help with determining stops and directions- saving you hours of time being lost! I was about 1.5 hours early to my hostel’s check in time, so I wondered about!

While waiting to check in to my hostel

First I visited/stumbled upon Jardin du Palais-Royal, a BEAUTIFUL place that I truly recommend you visit. There are hardly any tourists, and you can get a true feel for the Paris life! Here,I visited Cafe Kisune and met a wonderful local who recommended a great drink and an even better bookstore to check out after!

Thank you, Nikki, for recommending the Matcha Latte and this great shot of it!

After my matcha latte, I got semi-lost trying to find Librarie Galgnani– but it was worth it! Not only is getting lost in Paris one of the best things about every visit, but this bookstore is one of the best I have ever visited! and I practically live in bookstores.

Librarie Galignani

Finally in my hostel

I stayed in the BJV Louvre and HIGHLY recommend it. Not because I am getting paid to (I wish) but because of the amazing location! It’s not only right next to the Louvre, it’s right next to everything! Notre-Dame, The Seine River, Shakespeare and Company, and everything else you need/want to see. After check in I organized my bunk, unpacked my backpack, and counted my money (please never count your money in public).

The view out my hostel window


I took a walk through the 1st,4th, 5th,and 6th arrondissements. First throught he Louvre couryard, across Pont des Arts bridge, and walked towards the tops of Notre-Dame I could see above every building in the distance.

The first place I found someone to ask to take a photo of me!

While walking to Notre-Dame I walked along the Seine river, which most tourists don’t know to do. This allows you to see the best architecture and views without the tourist trap vendors all over the main sidewalk.

An abundance of beautiful architecture, all while being able to actually stop and enjoy it without being in a huge crowd of tourists!

After visiting Notre-Dame I took Point de Neuf back across the Seine in search of Shakespeare and Company. It took a couple of tries, but I found it! About a half a block behind the waterfront real estate, with beautiful views of Notre-Dame. And after you get lost in the bookstore for a while, if you don’t mind paying 6 Euros for a pot of coffee, order a pot of the peppermint! It is amazing loose leaf coffee and the pot will fill your cup about 4 times!

The Latin Quarter Discovered

I finally began to get lost after that nice iced coffee, and found myself in the Latin Quarter. Beautiful buildings and endless bistros, this place is a definite must see! However, you know I was attracted to the bookshop, “The Abbey Bookshop” to be exact. Here I met the wonderful owner and got to peruse his collection that I can only hope mine might compare to one day!

A Favorite Memory: Do you see that tarp? The owner was downstairs helping a lady and it began to rain. The owner of the bistro across the street enlisted me to help him cover the books so that they wouldn’t get ruined. If only I were hungry enough to have dinner in that moment, what a wonderful person!

Lost in Jardin du Luxembourg

Determined to get even more lost among the beautiful streets of Paris, I kept walking past the Latin Quarter and found myself in Jardin du Luxembourg. This is a beautiful place, inhabited by locals, and calm enough that I could sit down and finally just write without tourists bumping into my elbow. Luckily, there was also some sort of jazz festival going on while I was there!

See original image
(Source) because my phone had thankfully died by then and I could truly concentrate on my surroundings!

After all

After all of this it was definitely time to head back tot the hostel, because in the morning I will be getting up early to be one of the first 20 people into the Louvre! Stay tuned!

Day 2 

Days 3 & 4

Have you ever been to Paris for a weekend? Do you have any questions/suggestions for me? Let me know by replying to my blog post below!



  1. Let me start by saying i’ve never yearned to visit Paris BUT, this post was so utterly charming that it makes me want to put Paris on my top 10 destinations now. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I wish you’d had better luck with the weather. What a grey day. The blue sky at the end was a happy ending.

    1. Me too! But I tried to look on the bright side and think of how hot it could have been!(: luckily the temperature was always perfect! Thank you for reading! I’m a big fan

  3. Thank you for letting me know about your posts! Jardin de Luxembourg is on my list! Any idea where to find walks? or did you just navigate yourself a bit? 🙂

    1. I mostly navigated myself but something that helped me was downloading the city to my Google maps and starring everywhere I wanted to go. After that, I looked at the map in “areas” and planned each day accordingly! For example, doing Canal St. Martin and Montmatre on the same day!(:

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