How to Pack for Paris- Plus Free Printable Checklist

You’re off to Paris for a long weekend and you aren’t sure what to pack. This post will help you pack precisely, and fit it all in 1 backpack!

First- check out the super cute packing list I made for you!! You can download it for FREE here! paris packing list



Going to Paris, where everyone is supposed to look fabulous at all times, is a lot of pressure. Everyone would want to pack their cutest outfits, and why not? Just run them by this questionnaire first:

  1. Are they comfortable?
  2. Will they fit at all times of the day (including any nightlife plans)?
  3. Are the climate appropriate?
  4. Do they not scream tourist?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, throw it in the suitcase!


Fashion in Paris

As of late, fitted pants/jeans are very in, especially if you roll them at the ankle. Shorts with black pantyhose underneath are also very in. If you are wearing a jacket, and are truly worried about fitting in, make sure it is very fitted. Meaning, square shoulders and brought in at the waist. Blazers are also preferred to cardigans! I read before coming to Europe that I should leave my converse at home. This was a lie!!! Everyone, including several of my good French friends, wear converse all the time! So don’t leave them if you love them as much as I do.

Layer Layer Layer.

Unless its drought season and there will be no rain and no cold, grab a light jacket that is easily packable- this will come in handy on those nights when your new friends ask you to drink wine on the Siene with them!

Tights, Sheers, Pantyhose, whatever you call them, they are SO IN in Paris. Wear them under shorts, a cute skirt, a dress, anything! Black in particular will go with every outfit! And you can shed these in the mid-day sun!

The early morning Louvre courtyard required my jacket & tights!


Two pair of shoes is a must. When I originally was packing, I almost only brought my sandals. I am SO thankful that I had my tennis shoes though. You really will do too much walking just for a pair of cute sandals, but you will regret it forever if you don’t have at least one cute photo that your tennis shoes aren’t dive bombing. I know I’m fitting this all in one backpack. But your feet are worth the extra squeeze.

Note: this doesn’t include your hostel shower flip-flops. If you’re staying in a hostel with community bathrooms you NEED these. 

I travel in Leather Chacos-I trust them as much as my rubber ones and they are cute enough to wear with dresses!


The downloadable packing list (at the top of this post) goes into further detail on the individual things to bring, but let’s talk about hanging toiletry bags, quick drying towels, and shower flip flops.

If you currently don’t own a hanging toiletries bag, but plan to travel a lot, please invest in one. Whether it is a nasty hostel shower floor you are avoiding or a nice hotel bathroom, you will want your toiletries reachable, not resting on the floor or scattered all over the vanity. Plus, you’ll be able to let it properly dry once you hang it up! I have this medium LL bean bag, and when I am packing for the weekend I use the extra, tiny, pull out (but also hanging) toiletries holder. It works great.

Quick drying towels are great for any situation especially a weekend trip to Paris. You can hang it up in your room and as soon as you return in the afternoon, it’s calling out to you, “I’m dry already you can use me again! Or you can pack me away and I won’t get your bag all moldy.”

Cheap flip-flops for the shower. Get them.

My weekend bag for 4 days in Paris

 Drive By Tips

  • Weather is going to determine most of what you need to take, so pay close attention to it!
  • If you’re staying in a hostel, don’t forget to take a lock!
  • If you have a portable charger, one of the most photogenic cities in the world will thank you.
  • Don’t forget your charger adapter!

Don’t forget to download the cute packing list I made you!! (or just look at it, I don’t care!)

>>>>paris packing list<<<<

Did I forget something? Do you have any great travel tips or hacks? Let me know in the comments below! Have a GREAT weekend in Paris! I sure did.



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