Are We Scared of Our Own Dreams?

I leave for France in 9 days.

And even though I am ready- have practiced packing and have bought all my extra deodorants, I am still scared. Maybe not out of my mind… but at least out of my Chacos.

This is my dream, to live abroad for an extended period of time. To immerse myself in another culture and to learn the language and ways of life. And, in the end, to have experiences to write about that might inspire another human being to create and find their dreams of travels. So, what am I so scared of?

Well, for one thing, the language barrier. 13390867_1180182112000765_804389178_n

I don’t think I would even consider myself any level of fluent in French. If you are going abroad and need to brush up on your language skills too- here are some resources that have at least eased my mind about the barrier (these especially apply to French):

  • DuoLingo – a free app, great for beginners!
  • – really good for those with a basic vocab and looking for grammar!
  • Frencheezee Youtube Channel! – If you learn well by videos!
  • Rough Guide Phrasebook – Not free, but it has helped me a lot! It has a free audio download

Also the whole trading everything I know for everything I don’t thing. 

I don’t know if this is possible, but I’m the most exciting for this at the same time as being the most scared.

I’m such a strong believer in the fact that no one can ever take knowledge away from you, and that goes for knowledge gained through experience as well. So, by living in a place where I know nothing, I can learn so so much. It’s just as rewarding as it is scary.

Perhaps the silliest of all, I am scared of the whole food situation.


I’m not very good at trying now things here in the states, but now that I will be tryingnew things everyday, this will either change about me, or I will die of malnutrition. The former seems like the better choice.

Yes, I leave for France in 9 days. Yes, I am terrified. yes, I am excited.

Dreaming seems scary until you begin fulfilling those dreams. Doing it seems impossible until you’ve done it. And believe me, you can do it. If you gave up every time something got uncomfortable, you would never even dream. But, as some of my best friends would say, let go and let God! it will all be worth it. Have a little trust and dream big. You’ll get there.

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