Being in the Moment vs. Dreaming of the Future

Hiking and hammocking on the Sheltowee Trace today, I was thinking a lot about the upcoming summer- my plane ride, my host family, where I’ll travel in the weekends.

Travel tip: when you want to go hammocking, but don’t own a hammock, check with your local/college’s outdoors program. I rented mine for two days for just $5!

But I was also enjoying the day. The sky was this beautiful color blue that, when exposed between the trees, made the leaves look like a color green only surrealists used in their paintings. The clouds were all… well… wite. But the kind of white that is not corrupted by the threat of oncoming rain. White and friendly through and through. The air was light- which is odd for Morehead, where the humidity usually calls for a swimsuit.

See, aren’t those leaves surreal?!

Here, in the middle of all of this, I let my thoughts wonder. They, of course, drifted to France, where I’ll be living this summer as an Au Pair. But I also thought about the struggle between being here- in the now- and dreaming of a future.

I am a huge advocate for dreams. However, I am equally, if not more, passional about living in the present. So how can these two things meet?

It may be something as literal as thinking of how your dreams effect your present situation, which calls for contemplation in both fields. But at the same time, it may be all in the freedom. And in freedom, mindfulness.

In other words, just being aware of what you need- spiritually, mentally, and physically. If you find yourself checking out of situations you with you would have lived in, maybe try to live in them more. But if you can’t think of any dreams for your future, event he crazy astronaut ones, allow your mind to blossom like a spring flower. This way, you can have those dreams.

Dreams are important because they show us the heights we want to achieve. Living in the now is important because it allows us to love ourselves as we are, even if we haven’t reached that height yet. 

Take a look out of my hammock!

What are some of your dreams and how do they help you love yourself in the present? Leave me some replies! 🙂


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