Louisville, Kentucky For The Inner-Hipster

Coffee will take you where you want to be in Louisville (and anywhere else for that matter).

Is the hipster inside you craving exposed brick, unknown restaurants in the sky, a great park system, the best coffee culture on the east side of the Mississippi, endless exposed wire light-bulbs, bars in old garages, and bikes? Lots of Bikes? Louisville is, surprising as it may be, the place for you!

This past summer I had the pleasure of discovering Louisville as a local, living there for 3 months. What I found was the opposite of horses and baseball bats. Instead, a paradise of  chill atmosphere and quaintness.

First, Coffee.

The Louisville coffee culture is unbeatable. With it being so incredibly hard to chose a favorite in such an amazing selection, I’ll share my favorite[s]!

1. Vint Coffee, Frankfurt Avenue

Vint is my favorite coffee shop. However, it isn’t just that! It’s tea, wine, and ale too! With the friendlies barista’s and the most charming seating spaces, this IS the place to drink coffee. There is a comfy couch, chairs, bar style seeing, regular chair and table seats, and then there is the gorgeous patio that is shaded by vines in the summer time! My favorite drink is a Beekeeper, which is an espresso beverage with cinnamon and honey! However, BEWARE! Vint is owned by the local franchise “Heine Brothers” (yes, pronounced like your tooshy) but just because they have similar menus doesn’t mean they have the same taste. You will notice Heine Brothers isn’t even on my list… lets just say there is a reason for that.

On the patio, drinking an iced Beekeeper


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Inside Vint, Wine Bar to my left, other seating to my right!

2. Please and Thank You, East Main Street (NuLu)

This location in Louisville is exactly what it sounds like [New-Loo]! It has all of the cute boutiques, small art galleries, and tiny shops. This location of Please and Thank You has a record shop in the back! I recommend ANYTHING on the menu… because I get the Cafe Miele, which is the exact same thing that I described as being a Beekeeper earlier (you may begin to notice a trend).

Just down the street from Please and Thank You is Local Speed, an art gallery with a “Before I Die” chalkboard wall outside its door. Just walk up, grab a piece of chalk, and tell everyone your dreams! About a block further is the amazing “Revelry Boutique”, which has an art gallery in the back, and locally produced items throughout!! If you’re looking for dinner while in NuLu, head to Garage Bar for pizza, Feast BBQ if you want (you guessed it) BBQ, or Decca (more expensive and may require a reservation.) BUT if you’re looking for a real experience, eat tacos at Galaxie and use the bathroom! I don’t mean they will make you use the bathroom, I mean you HAVE to see the inside. When you do you’ll understand why I sent you. After all this just take a gander inside the Green Building, and maybe sneak into the stairwell like I did…unless the gallery is open. Then see that.

Please and Thank You- Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Kentucky. Photo Creds: Jesslyn (Twitter @ItsJesslyn)
Inside Revelry Boutique
Stairwell in between Galaxie Bar and the Green Building


3. Quills, Baxter Avenue

On Baxter Avenue Quills Coffee is conveniently located near Bardstown Road (where you can literally just park and walk and discover endless boutiques, record shops, vintage shops, hookah bars, regular bars, and even vacuum shops!) Some of my more experienced coffee connections claim this is the BEST coffee in all of Louisville. While it is very, very good, I have to say the location is probably the best. Also please note that Taco Luchador is only a couple of steps down the street and definitely deserving of a visit!

At The End Of The Day

When you are headed home, somehow still tired despite the coffee, you’ll only have two more stops that coffee couldn’t take you to (yet are still are must go’s). First, Cherokee Park! The park system in Louisville is created by the same person who did New York City’s. Simply take the scenic loop around the park, stopping to geocache or hike a short trail. I recommend this ride while you’re finishing your VINT and heading downtown.

Second, Waterfront Park is the best place to catch up with the Louisville biking scene! There are some extremely friendly guys down there who would love to rent you a bike, and answer any questions you have! (Note, they have quality bikes!) Ride across the Big Four Bridge (the base of which is where you will rent your bikes) to Widows Walk Ice Creamery for the best views of Louisville from the Indiana side and for the best Ice Cream a 5 minute bike ride away! Because of all the construction, I really don’t recommend driving to Indiana.

If you visit Cherokee Park during the summer, a field of wild Daisy’s will greet you!
Riding across the bridge to Indiana on our rented bikes

Let me know if there is anything you would add to a day in Louisville!

Have you every been? Do you want to go now? The real question: HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE LOUISVILLE! Leave a comment and thank you so much for reading!!

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