Drown in Changing Perspectives

I leave for France in 23 days.

My current largest challenge is how to spend these days here in the states. It is so easy to get lost in the sea of Pinterest, blogs, and research. But I want to live now. I want to live new.

How do I stay content?

The real question is, how can I remain happy here in my small, slow, nearly dead college town with international travel looking over my shoulder the whole time?
Yesterday, I made the decision to go for a hike. It was a trail I have done a couple times before at Rodburn Park. But this time I had an open mind.



I stopped to look behind me, standing on an old stump. The may leaves were floating in the easy breeze. And I found what I didn’t think I could. Newness. Worship. The way the dropping sun melted the leaves into a beautiful haze. The slope of the recently imagedescended mountain sending the beauty to my perch on the stump.

The birds sounded different. Like their sounds were also melting together to form harmony. That was when I realized stopping is how I worship. Listening. Looking. Feeling. In my own appreciation and consideration, I found the peace around me.


For the rest of the trail the fallen logs, the wildflowers, the sounds of limbs rubbing together all entered my senses with a new filter. The one of the sun gliding down the slope. A momentary one. Rushing over me in an endless wave. Living in moments is how I survive.
I can’t wait to return again and again- to anywhere my perception might be flooded momentarily by nature.

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