Picking Wildflowers

What are we supposed to do in between adventures?

As travelers and wanderlusters, we don’t have it as easy as living souly in the realm of new experiences. Whether it is working to save money up for your next trip, or just living in the time between travel. But that doesn’t mean out wanderlust is magically toned back or satisfied. Therefore, I propose a toast to wildflowers.13288010_1171181656234144_826227627_o

You know that trail you’ve hiked 258 times? Or that lake you visit on
the daily? Revisit them, but this time with the motive of creating the most beautiful bouquet nature can possibly provide.

Wildflowers don’t grow in the middle of the path.

Nor do they grow in the easy to reach places. They are challenging and hard to get to. Which is what you need! For all that time in between travels, go to a normal spot and make something new out of the old, using wildflowers!

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