What To Do When No One Supports Your Dreams

Travel is not easy. I’m sure of this. But it is worth it. I’m really sure of this. So what do you do when everyone around you, or at least some of the most important people around you, don’t support you? You persevere! If your true dream is to travel, you will do it. The universe will conspire to help you achieve your dreams, no matter how many people try to stand in the way.

First, don’t let them get you down. If you focus on the people holding you back, or the reasons they want to hold you back, you’ve let them win! This doesn’t mean to write EVERY ONE off. Some people probably have good advice. But trust your gut! If someone tells you “you can’t reach those dreams of yours,” they’re probably not the best person to allow into your head! So use a little min12970313_1146275255391451_938758550_odfulness and let negativity flow right past you!

Furthermore, if you can truly make it on your own then you know your dream is real and it is God’s will for you. If you’re like me, you might have been the girl who cried dream one or two times. Meaning you gave up on a few things. But now you’re just experienced and can feel when a dream is real! Just because you’ve been bitten by a wanderlust bug doesn’t mean everyone who hasn’t is right. It just means you’ve got to show them what you can do with this means to you!

My dream is to live abroad for an extended period of time, and I had to save over half of every paycheck from my work study, create a new etsy business12895450_1131654596853517_871512553_n, and organize a yard sale. But I am going! Check out some of my other posts about ways to save for travel to find out how.

Even if it takes a while for you to get to your dream destination because of the lack of support available, if the dream is true you will make it there by any means!

No one can stop you from discovering local magic in the mean time. So your wanderlust doesn’t have to go unsatisfied but your pocket doesn’t have to go empty either! There might be a local outdoors club you could join, or a small town you’ve never visited!

In these photos, I discovered a simple trail in my college town! It didn’t cost anything to go on the day hike, and I found some really cool things to climb on and see!

Never let anyone tell you what your dreams are or how far you willing to go to reach them. It’s your life. They’re your dreams. You can do this. 

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  1. I agree. Your dreams are YOURS. People are quick to try to change them into what they want. Follow your heart and allow your soul to guide you.

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