Travel Inspiration Found at Home

I have been thinking hard about the relationship between my own writing and my traveling.

Am I embracing my traveling more fully by writing about it or am I limiting the experience by transferring it to such a flawed art form? With so much room for interpretation, how might I truly convey the sight or feeling of a place? Are your, the reader’s, outside contexts filling in gaps leading to increased inspiration or leveling my experiences off?

In class we are reading Mystery and Manners by Flannery O’Connor, in which this line gave me great inspiration,

“It is a great blessing, perhaps the greatest blessing a writer can have, to find at home what others have to go elsewhere seeking.”

After explication, I found that the questions I am asking myself are not the ones I should be asking. In fact, I should be thankful for the insights I find no matter where I am, and deliver those to my audience. In other words, I want to continue this blog with that in mind. The ideas of finding at home the great inspiration that even started my hunger for travel. And this I shall.

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