How I am Being Paid to Travel – Actually!

How I am being paid to live and travel in Europe this summer

For the longest time my dream was to study abroad for an extended period of time! I love to learn, and I wanted to fulfill my foreign language requirement in a way that is real and memorable. First I looked at semester long programs, but after realizing the price I soon narrowed my search to summer term programs. None of these seemed to appeal to me though, I want to experience culture and travel! That is how I learn best, as opposed to rigorous class meetings.

After much thought I considered my university’s exchange program to China. I can learn the language, be immersed in the culture, all while paying the same rate I do here at Morehead State University. Once again, though, I found myself unable to be excited. After all, I had my heart set in Europe for much time.

After having an exensenctial crisis over what was supposed to be the most exciting moments in my life, I decided to search for peace. I wasn’t sure where that peace would be, but I knew I needed an open mind to get there. The next day I opened a brand new browser and searched with a New Criticism approach- neglecting all that I had learned over the years of researching and obsessing over traveling.

It seemed that as soon as I gave up and began to think of where I would apply to work here at home for the summer, I found it. InterExchange.

InterExchange is a company that helps people like me travel abroad doing something they love! You can do anything from working a summer camp in Italy, teaching English as a second language, or be an Au Pair (what I am doing)!

This summer I will be living in France for 2 months, learning about the French culture and language all while taking care of a beautiful 8 year old girl, for which I will be paid 100 Euros a week plus meals and my own room!! I could not be more excited for this opportunity. The application was a long process, but all very meaningful and worth it! Follow my blog so that you can stay tuned for my post about tips on applying as an Au Pair through InterExchange!

I have since been placed with a family, been denied, been placed with another family, and been accepted! I am so happy! I will be living in Saint-Estèphe! (see photo)

Throughout this whole agonizing process, I realized that if I ever want to do anything amazing, I must begin with an open mind! There was no way I was going to find out about how to become an Au Pair if I hadn’t decided that staying home was a possibility too! When you are searching the internet, be more vague with with your word choices! Or even try new travel search engines. Truly, the only way to be happy and to be graced with amazing travel opportunities is to be free with your thinking. Nothing new will ever come while you are stuck searching in the old!



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