Why Travel?

Why should one travel? In my personal experience, that question is synonymous with “Why should one live?” Travel doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg (or both) but it does reap endless rewards! It only requires your open mind and a little of your time. These rewards can be a new perspective on a personal problem, a new experience to gain insight from, a cool photo, or even just a story to tell! And that is what I am here to do. To tell you my stories in hopes that they will inspire you to go out and create your own!

Travel doesn’t mean that you have to schedule a week’s vacation and plan for months ahead of time, it’s just going somewhere new! One free Saturday lacing up the shoes, jumping in the car, and finding that trail everyone’s been talking about. Or maybe stopping on the side of the road and exploring an old train station (see featured photo).

On this blog I will be sharing experiences from everywhere around the world. First starting in Eastern Kentucky, and making my way to France!

Stay tuned, you’re about to go Anywhere With Brooke!


  1. Traveling changes a person’s soul. It’s not possible to travel and not grow. Traveling is MY world!

  2. I agree with you!!! Travel is about exploring everything around us to open our minds and appreciate the world around us with new eyes. You’re so inspirational! 🙂

    1. Wow!!!!! That is so kind of you to say- my goal for this blog is to inspire others to travel, so when I read that I almost cried a little. Thank you so much for the kind comment- it truly made my day:)

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