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Brussels at Christmas featured image

The snow begins to fall, each snow flake as unique as each Guild House in Brussels city center. Everyone around is unable to put their camera down. Narrow streets hold the smell of fresh, Nutella-covered waffles and Stella Artois on tap. The vertical stripes of black, yellow, and red are proudly flown from each business and window seal. Some are accompanied by the EU flag. Others are paired with flags declaring frites and bières. Each home is warmly lit, with windows adorned by garland, poinsettias, and string lights. Familiar Christmas melodies drift upward with the smoke from chimneys. Multi-lingual voices from the crowds turn intoRead More →

Luxembourg City Christmas Market Hotel De Ville

There are 5 Christmas markets in Luxembourg City transforming city squares into festive snow covered villages. Strolling through light covered shopping streets, it feels like you’ve entered a Christmas movie set. Then, around the corner is a miniature village of log cabins with snow covered roofs connected by glowing string lights. The opening weekend of the Luxembourg City Christmas Markets was on November 24th-26th. The city remains transformed for the whole month leading up to Christmas. Click here to find out all of the places and times for the Luxembourg City Christmas Markets. Experiencing the Luxembourg Christmas Markets Music The chorus of market goers singing alongRead More →

Saint Emilion Views of Vineyards and Rooftops

In October I had the privilege of touring Saint-Émilion and the vineyards surrounding it. Saint-Émilion is a medieval city located near Bordeaux, France. The amount of history behind this village is enormous. Meanwhile,  large parts of the city’s history remain mysterious to visitors and scholars alike. Saint-Émilion has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999! The architecture of Saint-Émilion is unique even for the area it is located in. You will never visit anywhere like it! First I will give you the 8 reasons you should visit Saint-Émilion by guided-tour. Second, I will describe my tour of the village and the chateau tour. So, let’sRead More →

Kayak in Strasbourg weekend trip to strasbourg

Join me on my weekend trip to Strasbourg, France; it’s like 72 hours in a fairy tale. Traveling on a budget is not always glamorous. Yet, Strasbourg is a great destination in France for budget travel. So, if you save up €85; even if to add onto a trip to Paris, you can have a an amazing weekend trip to Strasbourg! And here’s how: Budget Breakdown Tourism – €7,50 Food – €35.50 Accommodation – €42 Transportation – €0 Total spent on my trip to Strasbourg: €85 1 Tourism – €7,50 La Petite France – €0 My favorite part of Strasbourg is just walking through La Petite France. Plus, it’sRead More →

Covered Bridges of Strasbourg

  I was in Strasbourg, France eating a plate of homemade spaghetti in my appart’hotel when I got an e-mail from SNCF (the French rail company). Great. “Brooke, vous avez parcouru l’équivalent du diamètre de la Lune!”  So, I may not have traveled around the whole world yet. But from Paris to Bordeaux to Marseille to Strasbourg, I have managed to travel around the moon! (If France were on the moon, I suppose). 4,052 Km Through France by Train for €80 That’s right! All of this train travel was covered by my TGV Max pass (80 Euros & IBAN number required). It is unlimited train travel, limitedRead More →

Have you ever been riding a train and all of a sudden it boards a Ferry? If you choose the right train from Hamburg to Copenhagen, you will! When training from Hamburg to Copenhagen (and back) there are two routes. One crosses the water by boarding a Ferry! The other route stays land locked. So how do you chose the train that boards the ferry? And how the heck does a ferry hold an entire train?! Let’s explore: Choosing the Train Route With the Ferry Out of the two routes between Copenhagen and Hamburg, only one boards a ferry. First, search the route on yourRead More →

The beautiful spots we will be visiting on our Budapest walking tour are… Architecture Highlights and Pastries St. Stephen’s Basilica Danube Bank Chain Bridge Buda Castle Funicular Buda Castle Matthias Church Fishermen’s Bastion Parliament Ruin Pubs 1 The first stop on this Budapest walking tour is where ever you are! Find a bakery near your accommodation for breakfast. Try some traditional Hungarian treats! (Read this article on VisitBudapest called “Five Pastry Shops Not to Miss in Budapest” for inspiration!). Then, warm up those feet with some window shopping and sightseeing. The architecture in Budapest is striking. 2 St. Stephen’s Basilica St. Stephen’s Basilica is aRead More →

No one ever says “I saved money by traveling!” Yet, that is what I am saying now. I will be living as an expat in Bordeaux, France next year and it is cheaper than staying home. My Gap Year in France is Cheaper than Normal Postgraduate Routes I have an extra year on my hands after graduating from my university early. Instead of going straight to grad school or to the work force, I will be living in France for a gap year. How is the Gap Year Saving me Money? Other traditional postgraduate routes include joining the workforce or continuing to graduate school rightRead More →

  My 10 Secrets to Affording Spring Break in Europe (as a Student!) Coming back to college after 13 days in Europe everyone asked me, “how do you afford to travel so much?!” This post reveals the secrets to exactly how I afforded spring break in 8 European countries and how you can use the secrets for your trip! THE SECRETS Cheap Flights Being Flexible Not always eating out Not Overpaying for Train Tickets Using Public Transpiration Stay in AirBnBs Book in Advance Don’t Check Luggage Only Buy Tiny Things Start Saving Early HOW TO USE THE SECRETS TO SPRING BREAK IN EUROPE 1 CheapRead More →

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie The Student Traveler

Have you heard of this €789 million wave in the sky? The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie was my favorite experience while touring Hamburg, Germany in March, 2017. So, get out your “list” and add this to it! In this post: What is it? Why is it so important? What is there to do? How can I get to the free observation deck? What are the views like? Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Hall) The word Elbphilharmonie is perfect for this hall. Translated and broken down, Elbphilharmonie references the Elbe river, on which it sits. Then it simply is telling you what it is, a Philharmonic Hall! This concert hall isRead More →